Cut Buddy Instruction Manuals

We've probably all set something aside for safe keeping later and then forgotten where that was. Whether you tucked your instruction manual somewhere and can't find it, or something happened to it—never fear, we have digital versions available for situations exactly like this!

Our instruction manuals for our products are available to download here for your convenience. Lost or damaged manual? Spilled some water or Cut Buddy After Shave Solution on the original, or maybe you're traveling and forgot it at home? No matter what happened to the original, you can easily access the instructions for any Cut Buddy product right here.

On this page, you'll find product manuals that include:

The Bald Buddy™ Shaver features and directions for every day use (Included along with these instructions is an in-depth comparison of dry and wet shaving, and how to choose which one works for you depending on your hair type, skin, shaving frequency, and more!)

• How to ensure the best shaving experience with the Cut Buddy Shaving Bundle

• In-depth, step-by-step instructions on how to use it on the head, face, and body

• Cleaning and caring for your shaver

• Replacing shaving head

• After use of the shaver

• Recommended methods for proper disposal

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The Cut Buddy is here for you! Whether on the road traveling or at home, The Cut Buddy's instruction manuals will always be here to help, just like our lightweight, easy-to-use tools.
Are you looking for our detailed tutorials and video guides as well? Check out our The Cut Buddy University for video tutorials and our How To page for excellent tips, tricks, and explanations that will help you create pro-cuts. Do you still have questions about The Cut Buddy? Please feel free to reach out and contact our Cut Buddy Pros at any time. We're here to help, and it would be our pleasure to guide you to whatever you may need.