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How do I use The Cut Buddy?

We have a variety of helpful tutorial videos that will show you how easy it is to use The Cut Buddy available on our "How To Use" page and on YouTube. You will find numerous helpful videos that can help with using our product to trim a beard or haircut with ease!


What are the best cutting devices or clippers to use with The Cut Buddy?

The Cut Buddy is designed to work with any good pair of beard or hair cutting equipment.  It works great with all brands of hair clippers and with both straight and disposable razors (along with a good shaving cream).

We personally love Andis products; the Andis Outliner and Slim Pro are the best you can get! If you want to get fancy, zero gap the blades.

If you are looking for a good shaving gel, check out EZ Blades.

If you need a great mirror, get yourself a Self Cut System!  These are the best mirrors for seeing all angles of your head! You can purchase the Self Cut System here.


How is The Cut Buddy different or better than any other beard or haircut shaping tools?

What a great question!  And from such a good-looking person, no less! But seriously… We’re glad you asked!  

The Cut Buddy is the ONLY patented multi-curve beard and haircut template on the market! 

Our curves were EXPERTLY-DESIGNED by a NASA & Air Force-consulting engineer to work on ANY head size or hairline shape! 

There’s a reason it became a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon within 4 months of release and we have 80,000+ satisfied customers who will tell you the same! When it comes to grooming, you really get what you pay for. 

If you get an alternative product for cheap, you’re going to get a cheap product. 


Can I buy The Cut Buddy with cash or a check?

For online sales we only accept credit cards, debit cards, and Pay Pal e-Checks, sorry!

The Cut Buddy will be available in physical locations and retail stores soon and when it is you’ll be able to pay with cash and checks!


Can I buy The Cut Buddy in a store near me?

Not yet! 

Yes! We are proud to announce that The Cut Buddy can be found in stores.

Cut Buddy Products can be found in:

  • Walmart as a Bonus in select Andis Clipper Packages
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Marshalls
  • TJ Maxx
  • Walmart - Available as single unit at Walmart Pick Up
  • Target - Coming Soon
Are there any military veteran or active service member discounts

Yes of course, you are a hero and we appreciate your service! 

We provide a coupon code for both veterans and active duty! If you are serving in the military or have served in the past, this is for you! Use coupon code ‘HERO’ at checkout for $5 off The Cut Buddy! 

Be sure to add your service credentials at checkout so that we can verify your service. Thank you again for your service from everybody here at The Cut Buddy!


How long does regular shipping take?

Once an order is placed, the system takes approximately 24 hours to process your order. When the order is processed it will take 4-7 business days on our regular mail option.

How long does expedited shipping take?

Once an order is placed, the system takes approximately 24 hours to process your order. When the order is processed it will take 1-3 business days on our expedited mail option


How long does international shipping take?

Once an order is placed, the system takes approximately 24 hours to process your order. 

If you need any assistance translating your order to English, please email us at info@thecutbuddy.com and we will help you. When the order is processed, it normally takes 1-2 weeks to deliver to Canadian and European destinations. 

Other continents and destinations can sometimes take up to a month for delivery so we certainly appreciate your patience.

Please be sure to provide the correct mailing info for your country. Example: United Emirates required a PO address


How long should I use the product before replacing it with a new one?

Great question! 

While there is no “magic number” of uses, we generally recommend  that you replace The Cut Buddy product every year for maximum effectiveness and to keep your beard and haircut looking sharp with ease.

The Cut Buddy is built to last but – like any other beauty product -- after repeated use the plastic may begin to show wear-and-tear and be less effective as a guide. The Speed Tracer Pencil generally lasts for about 15 uses.


Can I sell The Cut Buddy product on Amazon or EBay?

Amazon:  We DO NOT allow other sellers to sell The Cut Buddy on Amazon. 

Any listing for The Cut Buddy other than our own will be removed immediately.


EBay: If you would like to sell The Cut Buddy on EBay, you need to become an approved vendor.  Please email us for wholesale rates and written consent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only buy The Cut Buddy in bulk from an approved dealer or distributor.  At the moment we only work with a few dealers and distributors. If you want to know if your dealer/distributor is a legitimate client of ours, email us at info@thecutbuddy.com.

We will not hesitate to report your listing(s) if you are selling knockoff or fraudulent rip-off versions of our product.  We have intellectual property protection all over the world and actively enforce it daily.  To date we have removed 1,000+ illegal/fraudulent listings.  Don’t waste your time.


Can I sell my used product?

100% NO! 

You are expressly FORBIDDEN to sell a previously used or unpackaged version of The Cut Buddy. If you sell a previously-used or unpackaged version of The Cut Buddy you can  be held legally responsible to both the customer and to The Cut Buddy LLC.

You are not allowed to sell The Cut Buddy unless we have provided you with written consent.


How can I order wholesale?

We welcome new sellers to buy in bulk! 

Our wholesale rates start at $8.50 per unit and decrease based on quantity ordered. 

Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 30 units. Contact info@thecutbuddy.com for wholesale information and rules.


Is The Cut Buddy a Black-Owned Business?

Yes!  Joshua Esnard is the founder and inventor of The Cut Buddy, he was born in St. Lucia and is of African descent.

While we’re proud to be a Black-Owned Business, our company values diversity and all of our products are useful to all races, religions, and cultures.


Are there any materials that may irritate my skin?

Our materials are safe to use with water and against skin. 

Please be sure to wash The Cut Buddy with soap and water after every use. We also recommend you have a great after shaving or facial wash. If you are going to keep your beard or hair fresh, you might as well clean your whole face with a great cleanser! (Clogged pores do not like clippers and razors!).


What size is The Cut Buddy?

The Cut Buddy unit can fit in your pocket! 

It is 4” x 6” (10.16 cm x 15.24 cm) and only 0.5” thick (1.25 cm). The product is flexible but does not fold in your pocket.


Can I travel safely with The Cut Buddy?

The Cut Buddy is the PERFECT travel partner!  

We have taken The Cut Buddy to every major airport in the United States and to airports overseas as well.  It does not have any materials that are banned or unsafe for security and TSA.


What comes in the package with The Cut Buddy?

In The Cut Buddy package you will find:

One (1) The Cut Buddy: Multi-Curve Beard and Haircut Shaping Tool

One (1) Speed Tracer Barber Pencil with White Lead and Pencil Sharpener.


What color is the Speed Tracer Barber Pencil?

The Speed Tracer Barber Pencil has a white lead and comes with a sharpener.


Where can I buy extra pencils from?

Speed Tracer Barber Pencil is available on our website.


Do you partner with any other companies or what products should I buy with my cut buddy?

We currently partner with and recommend:

  • Self Cut System
  • Brush King
  • EZ Blades
  • Andis
  • Dr. Fill In
  • Cut Junkies
  • Puff Cuff

These are all GREAT products to use with The Cut Buddy!


Is the Inventor/CEO available for speaking engagements or for media interviews?

Yes, The Cut Buddy Inventor and CEO, Joshua Esnard, has spoken at many conferences and does media interviews.

As a motivational speaker, Joshua’s immigrant success story of childhood wonderment, innovation, determination, sacrifice, and perseverance as well as the entertaining and personable way he communicates it will inspire and motivate any audience.

Contact alex@brookfieldroad.com to inquire about Joshua’s availability.  More information can be found at www.JoshuaEsnard.com.


Where should the media contact to get in touch with Joshua Esnard?

Media/Press Contact: alex@brookfieldroad.com.


How did you get onto Shark Tank?

It was very difficult, only a select few companies are lucky enough to get on the show.

If you’re interested in being on Shark Tank, we recommend you visit ABC.com or the official Shark Tank website!  Good luck!


Does this tool replace my barber?

Hell no!  

The Cut Buddy is a guide strictly for shaping your beard or haircut.  A barber or stylist is a professional who is capable of doing SO MUCH MORE than that!  We still go to barbers and stylists whenever we need a full haircut!

Consider The Cut Buddy an “in-between barber/stylist visit” tool.  If you’re good enough to do your entire haircut by yourself, kudos to you!


What kind of hair does The Cut Buddy work with?

The Cut Buddy works for anyone with a hairline that needs shaping, beard or haircut!  We have customers from 120 different countries and of all races!

The EXPERTLY-DESIGNED curves are designed to work with ANY head size or hairline shape!  Coarse hair or fine hair, it all works with The Cut Buddy! If you want to look great and you have a hairline (unlike our now balding inventor…) then The Cut Buddy is FOR YOU!


How many discount codes can I use?

Great question! 

You may only use one discount code per order.  You may not compound or add coupon codes together. We’re a small business trying to pay our bills, after all!


How can I clean/sanitize The Cut Buddy?

Great question!  Soap and warm water works best. You may also use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution that is safe and does not irritate skin.


What are the best clippers to use with The Cut Buddy?

The Cut Buddy is designed to work with ANY BRAND of clipper or hair-cutting tool or razor.  Personally, we love Andis products and trust them the most.

Our favorites:

  • Andis Slim Line Pro
  • Andis Outliners

The best devices are the ones that cut down right to the skin. A regular hair clipper will not do the job, you need an actual shaver or zero gapped trimmer.


My product is broken, can I get a replacement?

That depends… How did it break?

We only replace The Cut Buddy if it arrives broken, you will need to send us a photo within 24 hours of receiving the product to info@thecutbuddy.com.

If it arrives broken, we are happy to replace it!  See our return policy here.


Is The Cut Buddy patented and trademarked?

You bet it is!  We have to protect our invention! 

The Cut Buddy is now officially trademarked and patented in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia! Hey Antarctica… we’re coming for you! We’ve seen knockoff and fake versions of our product before… If it does not have our logo or name on it, it is probably unsafe to use! 

If you have any questions about a product’s authenticity, please email us as info@thecutbuddy.com and we’re happy to answer! We inspect our products and have quality control to ensure you are getting the best quality!


How can I become an affiliate and promote The Cut Buddy?

If you’re interested, purchase The Cut Buddy and within a few weeks you will receive an email inviting you to become a paid affiliate!

We do not guarantee that you will get paid!  YOU gotta do the work for that! If you do not get an invite from us, please email us at info@thecutbuddy.com. If you have 1,000 or more followers on any social media channel, please email us with your channel details.


Is your company hiring?

Yes!  We are always looking for models, affiliates, influencers. We will announce any other openings as they come available.


Do you have any other products?

We will soon! 

The Cut Buddy 2.0 is due for release in 2018! We are also working on partnerships with other companies and we are designing some really cool products! Stay tuned.


What kind of products does The Cut Buddy plan to release in the future?

We’re excited to announce that The Cut Buddy 2.0 will come out in 2018! 

We plan to add in some more grooming products to compliment The Cut Buddy, as well. We also have some non-grooming products in the patent process right now.

Stay tuned!


Where can I leave a review?

If you’d like to review The Cut Buddy, you can leave us a review on our product page.

If it’s a 5-STAR review we’ll buy you a car!  (Note: We will not buy you a car, but we appreciate the fantastic review!) We love hearing from our customers. If you have any urgent suggestions, shoot us a message through our contact page!