All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit

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Product Description

The All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit is the ultimate package for the beginner user of haircutting tools! We put together this kit for multicultural users who need the necessary tools to feel confident to cut their own hair

This product comes with a cordless clipper and cordless waterproof trimmer for cutting and lining your hair. Experience hours upon hours of great battery life! The products can be conveniently stored in the travel-size grooming bag!

This kit comes with AMAZING accessories! In addition to the cordless hair clipper, it includes:

  • a hairbrush
  • a folding comb
  • a nail manicure/pedicure kit
  • a pocket mirror
  • a travel case with hook
  • a wet detangle hair/beard brush
  • a beautifully designed razor (no blades included)
  • a cordless trimmer with 4 trimmer guards
  • a set of 7 different size clipper guards
  • a barber pencil
  • and an original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool!

No other haircut kit provides as many high-quality accessories at such a great price!

Both the clipper and trimmer come with USB charging cords, lubricant, guards, and a cleaning brush! Some facts about the clipper and trimmer:

  • Running time: 270 mins between charges!
  • Titanium plated blade with ceramics!
  • Precise digital display of percent battery, burden status, and inductive charging so you always know when you'll need to plug it in!
  • 3 RPM available: 6000/ 6500/ 7000RPM
  • Clipper: 4 levels of length 1.0 - 2.1mm aka cut number 0-1.5 for precise adjustment on hair length!
  • Trimmer has an adjustable gap lever for closer cuts or fading.

Accessories: USB cord, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, trimmer has four positioning guard combs and clipper has seven positioning guard combs, and a user manual!

The Cut Buddy Plus Tutorial
Struggling to figure out The Cut Buddy Plus? Want to use the template to combine curves or create a desired curve and cut that suits you? Don't worry, we've got you! On this page, you'll find DIY haircut tutorials featuring The Cut Buddy Plus and everything you need to know to use this tool like a pro. Our haircut tutorials include step-by-step instructions on angles and lines.

Want to know more? Still have questions for The Cut Buddy team about any of our products? Reach out to a Cut Buddy Pro any time, we'd love to help!

Download the User Manual for Beginners Clipper

Download the User Manual for Trim Buddy


All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit

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