The Cut Buddy - Black Version - Beard Shaping Tool and Hair Trimmer Guide

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As Seen on Shark Tank!

Free pencil (1) with all orders. Order extra pencils so they last through multiple cuts! 

The Cut Buddy - As Seen On Shark Tank - Beard Shaping Tool, Hair Trimmer Guide, Mens Beard Template Tool, Goatee Liner, Mustache Styling Shaper, Neck Shave Grooming Guide, Lineup Shaver Guard Stencil

Perfect Tool for Those Who Struggle With Haircut Shaping and Lining Up:

  • Hairlines Edge Up/Line Up
  • All Curve Cuts
  • Neckline Edging
  • Beard Lines and Cheek Area
  • Straight Line Cut
  • Sideburnes
  • Step Cut 
  • Curving Goatee Area
  • Mustache Shaping