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Why Our CEO Does Skull Shaver Comparison Videos

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If you’ve been keeping up with our Cut Buddy videos recently, then you may have found yourself wondering why our CEO does comparison videos between products like the Skull Shaver and the Bald Buddy. The answer is pretty simple: these are two different brands that both have their own version of a bald shaver on the market, so we thought it would be beneficial to test them both out for ourselves. And who better to do so than our CEO himself, Joshua Esnard? In this blog post, we’ll be giving you a breakdown of how these two shaving products are comparable, even with their vast price differences. Sound exciting? Let’s get into it!

What Is The Bald Buddy?

The bald shaver we offer here at The Cut Buddy is called the Bald Buddy. It’s designed to feel like an extension of your arm, allowing users to easily access any area on their head, face, or body. The patented handle design fits precisely into the palm of the hand, providing a firm and controlled grip for an easier shaving experience. Its unique precision cutting system features five different flex-action rotaries with super-thin blades. This design gives you a close, clean shave every time while lowering your chance of experiencing after-shave irritation and razor bumps. The Bald Buddy can be used for both wet and dry shaving, and it’s easy to clean, regardless of the method you’re using. Enjoy 75 minutes of cordless shaving with this amazing product!

What Are Skull Shavers?

One of our biggest competitors in the shaving market is the Skull Shaver. They claim to introduce a new concept in head and face shaving through their unique horizontal electric shaver design. This is different from the vertical shavers you often see – the design is supposed to allow one better access to the back of their head, legs, or other hard-to-reach areas. This tool features a large, round, concave-shaped head that includes five rotary cutters. Individual flex action should allow the shaver to adjust to the curves of the scalp to provide a close, smooth shave.

Comparing The Two: Which Is Better?

If there’s anything you take away from us here at The Cut Buddy, it should be this: we’re never going to lie to you, especially when it comes to testing out other products on the market. So we’re not going to try to tell you that Skull Shavers aren’t good grooming tools – they can definitely get the job done. There are plenty of testimonials and customer feedback on their website that’ll tell you the same thing, and we aren’t going to try to invalidate that by saying that they’re an awful product. Because the truth is, they aren’t!

However, what we will say is that their special design comes with a hefty price, making them less accessible to the average person who’s trying to save money by cutting their hair at home. The Pitbull Platinum PRO Head and Face Shavers are priced at $249.99, the Pitbull Gold PRO Head and Face Shavers at $139.99, and so on. And we get it – when it comes to getting a close, smooth shave, you want a high-quality product that’s going to last a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge chunk of your hard-earned money – the Bald Buddy can give you all of these things at a fraction of the cost, without skimping out on quality. At only $59.95, the Bald Buddy shaver is accessible and affordable, all while providing the best shave possible.

So yes, you’ll probably see our CEO doing comparison videos between Cut Buddy tools and different brands that have similar products. But that’s because we think it’s important to provide an actual demonstration that shows how these different tools work, and what kind of results they yield. We could sit here all day and talk down on our competitors, but we don’t find any value in that. We want our customers to trust us and our opinions, which is why we try these products out for ourselves and provide an honest review on how they compare to Cut Buddy shaving tools.

Cut Buddy Shaving Tools

Have we convinced you to try out the Bald Buddy yet? We hope so! But the bald shaver isn’t the only product Cut Buddy has to offer. We have numerous shaving tools and accessories to help you get the best shave of your life. From tools like the Cut Buddy and the Beard Bro L Shaper, to post-shave products like after-shave solutions and moisturizers, we truly have it all. Go ahead and check out our full collection of shaving products today – we promise you’ll find something you love. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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