Student discounts with the cut buddy

Discounts for Students

With our 15% Student Discount, we hope to make DIY haircuts and grooming more accessible and affordable for students all over the country. We want more students to be able to easily give themselves haircuts and to be able to afford our amazing grooming tools. This school season, let The Cut Buddy help you be less self-conscious about your appearance before you arrive on campus.

Student Support

Our team at The Cut Buddy understands students' unique challenges in time
management and balancing the busy work week with course studies and self-care.
Between time spent in the classroom, studying, extracurricular activities,
work, and everyday life, we know that the time you might have to yourself is
short. Your busy schedule leaves little room for hair appointments, and your
tuition costs might leave you little room in your wallet to shell out for them,
too. There’s no room in a student budget after spending so much on tuition,
textbooks, dining plans, housing fees, and monthly bills to pay for a fresh
haircut. That’s why Cut Buddy is excited to offer a Student Discount of 15%
off.<br> As a student, you deserve the convenience of Cut Buddy's Tools
and products that can help you look good and feel good. Since every tool in The
Cut Buddy's system is lightweight and compact, you'll find them easy to carry
with you wherever you need them. Need a quick trim, or fix your edges in the
hall bathroom? No problem, as The Cut Buddy trimmer, Clipper, Cut Buddy Beard
Shaping Tool, and Hair Trimmer Guide Plus are rechargeable and travel ready.