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New! The Cut Buddy™ Beginner's Clipper and Trimmer Kit

Our newest kit was created for the beginners who are not ready for the big leagues yet. We carefully thought of all the 34 accessories you will need to help you make haircuts easy!

As Seen on Shark Tank Season 9 and 10

The Cut Buddy™ On Shark Tank

The Sharks bite on The Cut Buddy hair stencil!

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Grooming Made Easy!

The Cut Buddy™ Reduces Grooming Errors!

With a quick glide of a hair clipper, beard trimmer, or disposable or straight razor, your beard or haircut will look like you just left the barbershop!

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Speed Tracer Pencils

Speed Tracer Pencils make it as easy as coloring in a coloring book!

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A MUST-HAVE In Every Travel Bag & Beard Grooming Kit!



Grab your hair clipper, beard trimmer, or razor and glide it along The Cut Buddy to reduce grooming errors! Expertly designed to fit all head sizes and hairline and beard line shapes!

Works On All Types of Hair!

Works On All Types of Hair!

Straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, Afro-textured hair... No problem! As long as your hair needs grooming, The Cut Buddy will help you look great!

Safe for Children and Teenagers!

Safe for Children and Teenagers!

Perfect for the mother or father who has to do all of the family haircuts! This tool works perfectly on hairlines for kids, teenages, and adults!

Barbers & Stylists Make More Money!

Barbers & Stylists Make More Money!

Use The Cut Buddy to apply hair fibers and make hairline enhancements! Salons have told us they are earning an extra $400 per month in revenue using it to shape beards!