health care worker discounts with the cut buddy

Discounts for Healthcare Workers

More than ever, we appreciate healthcare workers as essential workers across the country. Through the pandemic and onward, you put your lives on the line to provide care for the ill, and you continue to be the people we look to when our friends and family members need care in times of need. To celebrate and honor healthcare workers around the country for their dedication and tendency to put others first, we're honored to offer a Healthcare Workers Discount of 25% off for our exclusive Cut Buddy products.

Healthcare Worker Appreciation

As healthcare workers, you spend so much of your valuable
time on call day or night, working exhausting shifts. You can maneuver through
complicated health issues, speak, and listen to patients and people's problems
and work toward difficult certifications and degrees. What little time you have
to yourself shouldn't be wasted on haircuts and scheduling appointments.
Grooming is vital to healthcare workers, not just for professionalism. It's an
essential daily part of everyone's routine that can help us look and feel more
confident, but it can be time-consuming.

The Cut Buddy seeks to make grooming at home easier and
quicker than ever, so healthcare workers like you can spend your precious time
doing what you love with more money in your pocket. Your skills and services
are indispensable in your community, but we also recognize those who are in
traveling healthcare roles and the demand this places on your schedule. With
The Cut Buddy system, whether traveling, overnight shifts, or more, everything
you need is readily available in lightweight, compact, high-quality kits and

We know that we genuinely cannot thank healthcare workers
enough, but we hope when you receive our fantastic 25% off Healthcare Workers
Discount, we are able to help make life a little easier, one cut at a time.

Cut Buddy Pros have your back with in-depth tutorials to
follow as you cut hair and groom at home. Would you love to know more about our
discount for physicians, surgeons, and registered nurses or have questions
about our products? Please feel free to reach out to one of our Cut Buddy Pros
any time. It would be our pleasure to help.