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Disposable Razor vs. Rotary Electric Shaver: Which is More Effective?

Posted by Joshua Esnard on

I got a question for you. I'm doing a video, um, look at this side of my head, and then this side of my head. Which side of my head is cut better? This side.
So today I'm gonna answer the question that you guys have all been asking: which one shaves closer which, one shaves better which one is quicker. Is it a normal razor to shave your head, or is it a rotary shaver to shave your head? I'm going to be using the Bald Buddy by our company The Cut Buddy to be the rotary shaver that goes against a razor.
To start the video, I want to show you that I'm completely fair. I'm going to mark my head razor and Bald Buddy. It's always great to prep your head for shave, so I'm washing my head and exfoliating it with this great product called Whisker. You scrub your head and exfoliate it and it gets all the dirt or the dead skin layers on your head. You want to do this every time you shave, or else you're just going to be plowing bacteria into your head. And that is the stuff it takes off that can give you infections. Here I am applying our shaving cream, it's a nice foaming and soothing shaving cream.
I'm gonna use the razor first. And I haven't used a razor in a while because I've been using rotary shavers. They give me irritation, but we're gonna give it a fair chance. I'm gonna pull my skin and shave my head with the grain in the areas that are easy, and then on the side of my head where you notice the more coarse and the harder hair to get, I'm gonna go with and against the grain approach. So you'll see me turn the razor and go a little bit against the grain, not all the way hard through or else I'm gonna end up with irritation. And as you can see, I've shaved my head
with a razor looks pretty nice and clean that's exactly what we've expected. As you can see, the hair shaved off of my head. This is the first pass, I usually do two passes with the razor if I can't get everything, but as you can see it's, it's very clean. This video was three minutes of shaving half of my head. Um, I cleaned the shaver, uh, with water as I was shaving my head.
Now I'm going to move on to the Bald Buddy. I'm gonna reactivate the shaving cream just with a
little bit of water, uh, and then I'm gonna start with the Bald Buddy. I use the Bald Buddy wet, meaning that I use it with shaving cream and water. You can use a shaver and a razor dry but if you have coarse hair or your head irritates quick, I would not use it dry. As you can see, as you're shaving, just like with a razor, you need to clear out the Bald Buddy of any extra stuff that's in it in a cup of water. Here's the results of the first pass with the Bald Buddy. As you can see, it did a very nice job, very comparable to the razor. I don't see much of a difference so far. You take a look, you make your decisions.
Um, I use the rotary shaver in circular motions and then back and forth in rows, and then I make sure that I spend smaller circles on the side of my head where the hair is coarser. Where you would have seen the razor I was using I was using it against the grain. So here's what the razor did on first pass. What do you guys think so far? I mean, uh, it did very well as well. And here's the Bald Buddy on first pass as well. Um, once again, I can't tell a major difference, but I think what's fair is that there's little pieces and areas, since I wasn't using a mirror, for me to do a light pass to get everything else out. So I gave both items the same amount of time, which was an extra minute.
And here is the final result where I show what the razor versus the Bald Buddy does. So if you're stuck on using a razor, stay with the razor, but the razor is going to cost you, you know, ten dollars, uh, every month because it's disposable. I don't know how fast you go through them, uh, it may cut your skin as well. So you may have to deal with bleeding as well. And over the years you may spend a hundred dollars on, on replacement razors that are disposable. With the Bald
Buddy, you replace the head two to four times a year. The heads are anywhere from fifteen dollars to twenty dollars, uh, and as you can tell, uh, I mean the results are pretty much the same. And if, if I gave the razor a better grade, then it's only very slightly that the, I can't tell, you know. And I didn't give it a better grade, honestly I thought it was the same. I was actually nervous doing this video because I didn't think the Bald Buddy would stand up to the razor for closeness.
It's always good to have a post-shave prep. A post-shave, um, uh, thing, you know, I use a
aftershave that we sell. You could use other brands like Tena Skin and, and other aftershaves uh with bump control, bump stopper. Ours focuses on irritation, uh, has salicylic acid, uh, citrus and other good stuff in there. Uh, after I do an aftershave, I always, uh, put on aftershave butter. You can use a lotion. I wouldn't put too thick of a lotion or a lotion that's gonna clog up your pores. Our butter has willow bark, eucalyptus, and other properties that, you know, soothe and condition your head. Uh, willow bark actually helps you, uh, exfoliate any dead skin over time, so it stops irritation.
All right, so here's the test. Can you not tell? Oh no, they're both good. See, the razor and the Bald Buddy, can't even tell the difference. So the razor doesn't do much better or it does the same as the Bald Buddy. So get yourself a Bald Buddy.

Tips from the Clip

In this video, founder and CEO Joshua Esnard is experimenting to see how the Bald Buddy rotary shaver compares to a traditional disposable razor. He completes a side-by-side comparison on his own head to show the difference (or lack thereof). Here are our tips from the clip:
  1. It's always great to prep your head for shaving, so Joshua washes his head and exfoliates it with a product called Whisker. Scrub your head and exfoliate it to get all the dirt or dead skin layers off of your head. You want to do this every time you shave, or else you're going to be plowing bacteria into your head.
  2. The next step is to apply a shaving cream. You can use any shaving cream, but we have great options here at The Cut Buddy that are foaming and soothing.
  3. To shave with a disposable razor, you’ll want to pull your skin and shave your head with the grain in the areas that are easy. If you have more coarse hair, then in those areas you can shave against the grain as well. Just remember not to push too hard to avoid irritation.
  4. The Bald Buddy rotary shaver can be used wet or dry, meaning it can be used on its own or paired with water and shaving cream. If you have coarse hair or your head is easily irritated, we don’t recommend dry shaving.
  5. Whether you’re using a rotary shaver or a disposable one, you need to continuously clean it out in water throughout the shave to get rid of any buildup.
  6. It’s best to use the rotary shaver in circular motions, then back and forth in rows. In areas where the hair is more coarse, use smaller circular motions.
  7. In the end, the Bald Buddy and the traditional razor are pretty comparable. It’s difficult to tell the difference between the two shaves. However, you may end up spending more money replacing your disposable razors than you would if you used the Bald Buddy. You’re also more likely to cut yourself with a traditional razor.
  8. It’s important to have some kind of post-shave step, such as an aftershave. We recommend using an aftershave butter as well, or some kind of lotion. Just make sure it isn’t too thick so it doesn’t clog your pores. Our aftershave butter has many soothing properties, so it’s great to use post-shave.

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