Beginner Styling Tools

Now you can take the next steps on your home hair cutting journey with the best hair tools for beginners. If mentioning the idea of cutting your hair at home gives you nightmares of bowl cuts, choppy, uneven hairlines, and bald spots in a beard, it's time for The Cut Buddy to step in. We have the hair styling tools for beginners that make home haircuts accessible to everyone!
It's our pleasure to provide easy-to-use tools, step-by-step tutorials, and no-nonsense education so our customers can get professional cuts in the comfort of their own homes. Essential tools for beginners include a good brush and comb. You've got to take care of your hair if you want to look your best!
The first step is starting with clean, detangled, and brushed hair. Our Wash and Style Detangle Hairbrush will make your flyaways disappear. Brushing and combing your hair not only keeps it looking sleek, but it ensures that dirt, dust, and debris from the day get removed. Brushing also helps 'train' your hair, especially your beard, to lay where you want it.
For easy styling on the go, keep a folding comb in your pocket, car, suitcase or travel bag. The Cut Buddy fine-tooth foldable comb is great for fixing forks in your waves or beards, mustaches, and goatees. If you're new to styling or making a renewed commitment to looking your best, this comb is perfect for beginners who need a hair styling tool that fits in small storage areas.
If your beginnger styling tools include a bald shaver, you'll want to try our Shaving Cream to help your shaver glide easily. After using your Bald Buddy electric shaver or Cut Buddy Trimmer, skip the irritating, painful aftershave and switch to our Cut Buddy After Shave Solution. Reduce the annoyance of razor bumps and ingrown hair with a vegan, cruelty-free, innovative formula that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Don't forget to add our Cut Buddy After Shave Butter, pumped full of natural willow bark, shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe, triple defense for irritation reduction.
No matter who you are or what experience you have, The Cut Buddy is here to cheer you on your new hair journey. Have questions about hair styling tools for beginners? Are you looking for something else? Our Cut Buddy Pros are eager to get your answers.

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