Our Story | The Cut Buddy™ | As Seen on Shark Tank

Truthfully speaking, The Cut Buddy wasn't invented on purpose; it was an accidental life hack created to fill a simple everyday need.

Joshua Esnard, the Inventor & CEO, originally came up with the idea for The Cut Buddy back in 2000 when he was just a 13-year old kid in Ithaca, New York because he was making too many errors trying to cut his own hair.  

After years (and years and years....) of testing out template shapes to make sure his product worked on ANY head size or hairline shape, he found the PERFECT design and went on to patent it (along with other beard and haircut tool designs) in January of 2015, fifteen years after creating his first stencil at the age of 28.

The Cut Buddy mission is simple: 

Give ANY person the power to feel more confident and pride in how they look on a daily basis.  

Simple as that.

The Cut Buddy makes it EASY for anyone to have a crisp, clean and defined front / side hairline profile on their beard or haircut. 

The curves are expertly-designed by a NASA & Air Force-consulting engineer to work on ANY person's haircut, beard, neckline, mustache, bikini lines, goatee, etc regardless of head size or hairline shape. With a quick glide of a clipper or razor, anyone can have a professional-quality beard or haircut shape with this guide tool.

Joshua's company is motivated by the rise in self-esteem and confidence he sees from people when they feel good about how they look. This tool is made for the millions of people around the world that love how they feel when they have a great-looking beard or haircut.

The Cut Buddy is also an educational tool intended to help those who want to learn how to give themselves or others a professional-quality trim on their own beard or haircut.  

This guide is specifically made to work in conjunction with all brands of hair clippers, disposable razors and straight razors! If daily grooming matters to you, it is the perfect tool to use between your barber visits. 

For any barber or stylist it is also the perfect tool to use in conjunction with magic/liner pencils for beards and hairlines.  

A trained barber does not need this product at all, but we have seen many barbers and stylists are even happier than many of our other customers with it because they can make MORE MONEY by shaping up beards and haircuts faster than ever before. Less time wasted = more money!

If you think The Cut Buddy just MIGHT make you or other people in your life feel better about themselves, then what are you waiting for?