35 Piece Hair Trimmer and Clipper Kit DIY Guide

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The Cut Buddy 35-Piece Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit is one of the most affordable, high-quality, all-in-one DIY hair cut kits available. But, if you're new to doing your hair-cutting and beard-trimming at home, it might seem a lot at first. Don't worry; The Cut Buddy Pros are here to give you some helpful tips to get you started.

Download the User Manual for Beginners Clipper

Download the User Manual for Trim Buddy

Easy-To-Use Hair Trimmer and Cordless Clipper 

The Trim Buddy is easy to use as a new or experienced home hair cutter. With a one-button design to make everything a smooth process, this fade clipper has a comfortable grip and is ideal for shaping and edging your hairlines and beard.

The Cut Buddy Hair Clipper is made to handle thick, thin, or coarse head hair to give you excellent haircuts and hair manageability at home. Features include three different speed options and four levels for precise adjustments on hair length with 3, 6, 9, and 12 MM guards also included.

Barber Pencils for Limited Mobility or Unsteady Hands

If you experience pain or struggle with grip strength, our Speed Tracer Barber Pencil, included in the 35-Piece Kit, is there to help. Instead of having to grip The Cut Buddy template during a haircut, find the curve or line you like on our shaping tool, trace, and you're ready to trim without having to worry about gripping the tool. 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Before You Start 

A good first step is to read the user manual. Before diving in and trimming your beard or hair with The Cut Buddy Clipper and Trim Buddy, it's essential to understand your new haircut kit, how it works and how to use each piece. After reading, get in the habit of making sure the blades are clean and sanitized. 


Charge Up 

Make sure you plug in your tools and allow them to charge fully to get the most out of your Cut Buddy Clipper and Trim Buddy. When fully charged, your Cut Buddy Clipper will give you 270 minutes and your Trim Buddy two hours, plenty of time to perfect your home haircut or beard trim.  


Comb, Brush, or Detangle Before Cutting 

Your Cut Buddy 35-piece Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit comes with a hairbrush, folding comb, and wet detangle hair/beard brush perfect for prepping before a home haircut. Once your skin and hair are clean and dry, it's critical to detangle your hair because:  

  • »When your hair is thoroughly detangled, you're guaranteed a more even trim.
  • »Combing through thick hair without tugging and pulling minimizes damage - detangling helps to prevent further breakage.
  • »Using a Cut Buddy Folding Comb, Brush, or Detangler when your hair is dry protects hair. Avoid combing or brushing when hair is wet, as your hair is weaker and more prone to breakage.

Keep Your Cuts Sharp and Clean 

Whether it's your first or fiftieth time using clippers and trimmers at home, it's essential to keep your style looking sharp and clean. Ensure that your skin, beard, hair, and tools are washed and cleaned before use. Hair, dirt, oil, and sebum from your skin can dry out on your trimmers or clippers and cause a build-up that can impact the performance of your shavers and your haircut.

After using your Cut Buddy Hair Clipper, brush away hairs, then clean and sanitize the blades. Make sure to dry thoroughly and apply a drop of the high-quality lubricant to keep your clipper blades looking and working like new.