Bald Buddy - Ergonomic Bald Shaver

Watch out vidoes below or follow our step by step written instructions


Helpful Tips

To use the Travel Lock, switch off-state, push the on/off switch for three seconds until the LOCK light flashes LOCK two times and the unit will be in the locked state. If you try to turn it on, the light will just flash, indicating the unit is locked. To unlock: same instructions, push and hold down the on/off switch for three seconds, the indicator light flashes and releases the lock state, the switch will now normally. We recommend replacing the blades every three months to ensure high quality shaves. Replacement heads and blades are available in our online store!


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step1: The Bald Buddy is only intended to remove hair from head and face areas, although it can be used on other body parts with short hair. The product can be used on dry areas or wet areas (i.e., areas covered in shaving cream or shaving lotion). First, ensure that all hair in the desired shaving area is cut very low if it is not already. We recommend The Cut Buddy Clipper for getting hair to a desired length before using The Bald Buddy.

Step 2: If planning to utilize shaving cream (not required, but preferred by some), add shaving cream to your scalp or shaving area and exfoliate it into skin. While The Bald Buddy is designed for both wet and dry shaving, understand that NOT all people should dry shave! Dry shaving (without water or shaving cream) can work well for you if: hair type is thinner hair, head shape is rounder, you do not suffer from ingrown hairs, you have hydrated skin, and you shave daily.

Step 3: Remove the protective cap off of the product.

Step 4: Power on the product, and apply to the desired shaving area.

Step 5: Hold the shaver and place the shaving head on your scalp and start shaving in a short circular motion. Keep all shaving heads touching the skin with equal light pressure, You can shave as fast or as slow as you desire, and the shaver head will catch all stubble while shaving.

Step 6: We recommend rinsing the shaver head while running (powered on) after each use under running water to clean away stubble. You can also deep clean the shaver in a cup of Rotary and Shaver cleaner solution. Just turn on the shaver and dip only the shaver heads in a small cup filled with the solution, or if you only want to quickly rinse the shaver, you can use regular water. It is recommended to use Rotary and foil shaver cleaner to disinfect blades properly. These cleaners can be found on Amazon or eBay. Warning: Before cleaning in water, please be sure the appliance is separated from the USB charging cord.

Step 7: To replace the blades, simply pull off the entire blade head at its base:

Step 8: Taking your Bald Buddy replacement blade, line-up the center blade with the shaver and push until they click together: