Easy DIY Hairlines and Beard Lining with The Cut Buddy Grooming Guide

Watch out vidoes below or follow our step by step written instructions


Helpful Tips

Need some great tips for using The Cut Buddy Beard Shaping tool with The Cut Buddy Hair Trimmer? Look no further! We've got everything you need to know to get perfectly clean, crispy lines on your next home haircut.

Before You Start
Make sure that your Trim Buddy is fully charged. While tools are charging, prepare yourself for a DIY haircut by making sure you take time to read The Cut Buddy Shaping Tool and Hair Trimmer instructions. Understanding how the Trim Buddy operates will help save you some frustration the first time you use it with your Beard Shaping Tool and Hair Trimmer Guide.
After reading instructions—especially if this is not your first time using your Trim Buddy—brush off the Trim Buddy's blade so it is free of any hairs from previous use. Sanitize and lubricate each time to help prolong the life of your trimmer. With a full charge, the trimmer's powerful Lithium battery delivers 2 hours of cutting runtime.

Get Your Hair and Shaving Tools Ready
Few things are as frustrating as finding out in the middle of a beard trim or haircut that you don't have a guard you need or you’ve misplaced a tool and can’t find it. Get all your tools ready at hand, The Cut Buddy, The Trim Buddy, any Trim Buddy guards you plan to use, an extra brush or comb, something to dry-brush stray hairs from your skin, and anything else you might need.

Clean Your Face
A dirty, oily face can gum up your Trim Buddy, making it more difficult for you to get a proper trim or shave. Washing your face and skin around your hairline before shaving or trimming will help keep your Trim Buddy working precisely for a close, sharp shave or cut every time.

Beard Shaping Tips
The Original Cut Buddy Beard Shaping Tool comes with straight and curved surfaces to give you an excellent shape to your beard or hairline. Spend some time placing the various edges of The Cut Buddy along your hairline while looking in the mirror to find the perfect edge that best fits your style, your face features or shape. Once you find the right line, simply hold The Cut Buddy still, turn on your Trim Buddy with the convenient one-button design, and follow the guideline.

Great DIY Haircut Tool for Mobility or Steadiness Issues
Do you still find it difficult to hold The Cut Buddy while trimming, or do you have mobility issues with your hands? You might find it easier to use our Speed Tracer pencils. Hold The Cut Buddy for a moment, trace the barber pencil along the guideline, and then you don’t have to hold The Cut Buddy while you use the trimmer to follow your Speed Tracer pencil line.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Make sure your hair and/or beard is dry, clean, and free of any oils or creams before using the product. It is not recommended that you cut your hair when it is very wet or dirty. Wet cuts with a razor or blade should be done with shaving cream.

Step 2. Comb out the hairs that you plan to trim. The Cut Buddy PLUS+ edition has a built-in comb. If using the original design, the Wash and Style Detangle Hair Brush helps to get the best results.

Step 3. Grab the middle of the product with your pointer finger and thumb. Think of it as a hard pinch.

Step 4. Hold the product firmly and place the desired curve that fits your natural hairline against your face. Once the product is against your face, firmly press the product flush against your skin as if you want to bend the product. It is important that you do not shift your hand or move the product at all. The firmer you hold, the better the cut!

Step 5. Cut precisely along the line of the product. You may need to run the trimmer a few times. Make sure all the hairs are cut before fully lifting the product away from your face. Do not run the trimmer, clipper, or razor too many times on the same area as you may irritate your skin.