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Back to School Haircuts for Kids

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The back-to-school haircut can be a big deal for kids. A new year in a new class brings a chance to show off a new look. Maybe you forgot to make an appointment to see a stylist or barber in the weeks leading up to the day school starts. Or maybe you’ve noticed how much more expensive everything seems to cost these days. Whatever the situation is, we have a few reasons why we think it’s best to try doing the back to school haircut for your kids from home this year.

Save Money by Doing Your Back to School Haircut at Home

A simple trim at some shops may cost over $30 these days. After spending money on back to school supplies, you’re probably looking for any chance to save a little this month. Save some of your hard-earned cash by cutting your kid’s hair at home.
The Cut Buddy Clipper and Trim Buddy are easy to use, and the Original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool makes it simple to get clean lines every time. If you’re new to cutting hair at home, we have step-by-step instructions and helpful videos that will make it easy to get started. Check out our tutorials and resources that will help you figure out how to use our most popular Cut Buddy products.

Get Trimmed Up About a Week Before School Starts

Plenty of parents make appointments at the walk-in salons and barbershops before school starts. Rather than waiting for your scheduled appointment and hoping for the best, plan to find a time that works for you and your kid to cut hair at home. Cutting hair at home gives you flexibility in your schedule and with any luck you’ll be able to do it on a day when your child is excited for a haircut, but cooperative enough to sit still.
Try to pick a day that is at least one full week before classes start. This gives their hair time to relax, but still look first-day fresh. Plus, if their haircut requires styling or product, they may need a few days to practice their new hairstyling routine.


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Best Back to School Styles and Haircuts for Kids

Mornings can be hectic as your household adapts to the back-to-school routine, so you want a cut that looks good and makes getting out the door easy. Depending on their age, you’ll want to encourage your kids to choose a style that is easy for you or for them to maintain.

Classic, Low-Maintenance Cut: The Fade

A popular short haircut that’s easy to maintain. For a classic fade you will need a clipper with guards and a trimmer. To keep this cut fresh, use clippers for maintaining length every few weeks and a trimmer in between cuts to keep hair and necklines clean.

Subtle and Stylish Cut: The Hidden Undercut

An edgy yet subtle look for kids that might want a pattern or design detail. This haircut works for kids with medium or somewhat long hair since it has a cool, hidden feature that requires shaving the hair from the bottom half of the head. When their hair is let down, the design is hidden. If they pull their hair up into a bun or ponytail, the hidden undercut is revealed. Using a trimmer to cut the pattern is recommended and undercut patterns can be as simple or complex as you want. This cut is great for kids who want to play around with different designs every few weeks as hair grows in.

Fun, Fashion Forward Cut: The Mohawk or Faux-Hawk

A great cut for kids that want to stand out! Traditionally, the mohawk will have shaved sides and length on top that requires product to style into a spunky, spiked look. The faux hawk has close-cut sides that are not fully shaved with length on top that can be styled. For either cut, you’ll need a trimmer to keep clean lines around the top and a shaver or clipper for close-cut sides.

Give your kid the boost of confidence they need on their first day with a fresh haircut that saves you time and money in the busy weeks leading up to the first day of class. After you send them off for school, think of all the time and money you can save this year while you maintain their new haircut at home. We hope their new look has you and your kid excited for the year to come!

Still feeling a little nervous about doing your own haircut for your kid before school starts? Reach out to a Cut Buddy Pro with any questions you may have. We’re here to help support you.

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