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Importance of Proper Grooming When Serving Our Country

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Soldiers, Navy Seals, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMTs, Coast Guard, Special OPS—many of you who have served or are currently serving our country have undoubtedly learned the importance of grooming. Why is a specific pattern and routine of grooming essential for military service members and first responders? There are many reasons why and benefits to getting proper haircuts that we want to highlight for you.


Benefits of Having a Proper Military Haircut

For the men and women in military and first responder roles, the importance of grooming is foundational to the legacy of those who serve our country. Grooming represents professionalism, but it is also a matter of personal safety in dangerous situations. There are also additional benefits to sporting a military haircut:
• Cleanliness – short hair styles can help prevent breakouts and require less daily maintenance
• Save Money – no need to constantly buy or use hair care products like shampoo and conditioner
• Save Time – spend less time in the mirror styling, blow drying, or worrying about flyaways
• Look and Feel Cool – having short, close-cropped hair makes it easier to enjoy a hot summer day
Another functional benefit of choosing from one of the many different military haircuts is being able to stick with a standardized look. Understanding where your lines and length should be maintained makes it easy to keep up with proper grooming on a regular basis.


Benefits of Being Clean Shaven

The primary benefit of active-duty clean shaven regulations is ensuring health and safety. For example, firefighters using SCBA masks require protection from inhaling smoke and chemicals released into the air when items are burning. As one of the essential pieces of equipment, this mask must create a seal on the face to stop air from coming in, providing a clean flow of oxygen. There is a chance that a beard can cause a barrier between the mask and face, preventing the mask from sealing correctly—even the smallest gap could mean inhalation of deadly chemicals, debris, and particles.


Shave and Save with Cut Buddy

The Cut Buddy is constantly in awe of the men and women who serve and place themselves directly in the line of danger for us every time they go to work. We avidly support those who serve and have served with our Military and First Responder Discount as we understand just how important grooming is to uphold professionalism and safety standards in these careers. To make it even easier to save, we offer a convenient method of employment verification using your government ID.
Receive a discount on your order today as a thank you from The Cut Buddy Team. We want to make it easy for our active military, law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders to maintain proper grooming and haircuts whenever and wherever you may need them.


bald military man with grooming kit on bench in locker room

Importance of Haircuts for Active Military

The Coast Guard, Navy, Army, and Air Force divisions have important standards for grooming and hair. Military personnel are expected to maintain a professional appearance, not only to demonstrate pride and professionalism in an image but to display self-discipline and maintain a high standard of living that reflects upon themselves and the military both on and off duty.
How soldiers present themselves says a lot about them and the service itself. Being part of the military means being part of a team and being part of a team means relying on everyone in that team. If a person cannot be a team player, that can lead to letting the team and battle buddies down.
What does it mean to keep a professional appearance in the military?
• A proper haircut must adhere to Army Regulation 670—1
• Clean-shaven face, groomed and well-trimmed facial hair


Grooming Standards for Law Enforcement Officers

Like the military, proper grooming and presentation by law enforcement officers and agencies project a professional image to the public and every member of the police force. Law enforcement officers must be neat, clean, and well-groomed unless otherwise authorized to dress differently, such as during covert investigations.
Personal appearance is fundamental to a department's ability to perform its function. Proper discipline in an officer means an efficient and disciplined force, maintaining public confidence and police-community relations.


Haircuts and Facial Hair Guidelines for Firefighters

The National Firefighters Association's policy mandates no beards for all that use masks. Should they have a medical condition that precludes their ability to be clean-shaven, they should tell their supervisor. There is a bit more leniency for firefighters regarding haircuts and facial hair, but that entirely depends on the firefighters' role. Those that work in other departments or within community firefighter groups may be able to get away with some beard or facial hair growth, but nothing outside of short, well-trimmed beards. When office personnel are no longer on active duty, regulations allow for much more facial hair.

When it comes to grooming and haircuts, most service regulations will ask that hair remains neatly groomed, clean, and worn conservatively, be it a bun, ponytail, or braided, so long as the length of the hair does not interfere with life-saving equipment. Following proper hair style regulations offers practical benefits and is often critically important while you are serving in military or first responder roles. Cut Buddy thanks you for your service by making it easy to groom, cut, shave and save.

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