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Everything You Need To Know About Dry and Wet Shaving

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The debate between dry shaving and wet shaving has been going on for quite some time now. People are always comparing dry shaving vs wet shaving, trying to determine which one is better than the other. But is there truly a winner in this scenario, or are there solid arguments for both shaving techniques? In this blog post, we’ll be comparing the two techniques. If you prefer the dry shaving face technique, we’re also going to touch on how to successfully dry shave without razor burn. Hopefully, by the time we’re done, we can help you decide which shaving method is best for you. Let’s get started!

Dry Shaving vs. Wet Shaving: Which Method to Use?

If you have coarse hair, and you find yourself having to shave every two to three days, then you should probably wet shave. If you have fine or thin hair, and you shave very often, then you can most likely get away with dry shaving. However, anyone who wants a close shave should take the extra time and use the wet shaving technique.
When it comes to deciding between dry shaving vs wet shaving, you’ll also want to spend some time assessing your skin and how it responds to both techniques. Some people do fine with dry shaving and have no issues, while others find their skin gets too irritated when they don’t use water and shaving cream. If your skin starts to act up, try switching to the other shaving technique for a bit. Sometimes it just takes a bit of trial and error to find what works best for you.

What Is Dry Shaving?

Dry shaving is a method that doesn’t require water or any other products, such as shaving cream or soap. Those who dry shave will use some sort of electric shaver that’s specifically designed to only cut the hairs above the skin. Because of this, you don’t need any water or shaving products.

Pros And Cons of Dry Shaving
One of the biggest perks of dry shaving is that it can be done very quickly. Dry shaving requires cutting the hair above the skin, so you won’t get as close of a shave as you would with wet shaving. Some people prefer this method because they believe they experience less irritation when they’re using a blade that doesn’t come into contact with their skin.
Others claim that when they shave without using water, shaving cream, or soap, their skin becomes even more irritated. With a dry shave, you are also likely to find yourself shaving more often to maintain your lines and your look.

How To Dry Shave Without Razor Burn

If you find that dry shaving irritates your skin, but prefer this technique as opposed to wet shaving, there are some things you can try. Washing your face before shaving can sometimes help soften your facial hair and help avoid any irritation or itchiness. You should also be very careful when you shave. Going slowly and using gentle strokes/movements can help you avoid getting the dreaded razor burn.

What Is Wet Shaving?

As the name suggests, wet shaving requires water, as well as shaving cream or soap. Those who wet shave will also use other shaving products, such as pre-shave creams or aftershaves. Many different razors can be used for wet shaving, like straight razors or cartridge razors. However, tools like the Bald Buddy Shaver work great for this method as well.

Pros And Cons of Wet Shaving
Because of the way the razor cuts the hair during wet shaving, you’ll be able to achieve a close, smooth shave. You’ll also notice that your hair takes longer to grow back when you use this shaving method.
However, when the hairs begin to grow back, their sharp points can cause irritation and itchiness. If you don’t use the right shaving products, then your skin won’t be as moisturized as it needs to be, and the razor can end up being abrasive to the skin. This can lead to more irritation and dryness, so if you use this method, you should always make sure you have the right products on hand. Wet shaving also takes longer to complete, so you should set aside enough time if you want to use this method.

Tips For Wet Shaving

In our experience, the best way time to wet shave is right when you get out of the shower, because your skin will be warm and clean. If you’re shaving your head, we recommend you use some kind of exfoliating brush. This will allow you to really work that shaving cream into your skin, and you’ll get a nice, smooth shave as a result.

Shaving Products We Recommend

We offer plenty of Cut Buddy products to help make your next shaving experience the best one yet. Regardless of what method you prefer, we have a shaving product for you! We recommend trying three of our best selling shaving products: shaving cream, aftershave solution, and shave butter. All three of these products work to combat any irritation, ingrown hairs, or razor burn that you may encounter.

We also have the Trim Buddy, the Bald Buddy Ergonomic Bald Shaver , and the Bald Buddy Exfoliating Brush Attachment  for a total shaving and hair care system.

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