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How To Use Our Clipper Combs and Taper Lever

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Once you’ve purchased your brand new Cut Buddy Hair Clipper or Trim Buddy, it’s time to learn how to use all of its amazing features! If you’re new to the home haircut scene, you might not be familiar with things like guide combs and taper levers, and that’s okay. Our Cut Buddy Pros are here to help you understand how these pieces work, and when you should use them. In this blog post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about these accessories and features. Let’s get into it!

Guide Combs or Clipper Guards
We’ll start by talking about guide combs. You’ll often find that these pieces are referred to as guards or clipper guards, but regardless of what they’re being called, they’re all referring to the same attachments. So what are they? In simple terms, they’re pieces that attach to the clippers that allow you to choose how short you want to cut your hair. Customizing the length can help you achieve specific hairstyles that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get without one of these combs. These attachments come in different numbered sizes that correspond to different lengths, and they’re labeled so you can keep track of the ones you use the most. Keep in mind that the smaller the number on the comb, the shorter the cut will be.

Using Guards With Cut Buddy Clippers
When you purchase the Cut Buddy Hair Clipper, you’ll find that the product comes with four clipper guards of various sizes. When it’s time to start cutting your hair, you can adjust how much length you’re cutting off by choosing between the 3, 6, 9, or 12 mm guard. Just remember that the smaller the number, the shorter cut you’re going to get. If you’re new to cutting hair, or you want to be extra careful about cutting it too short, you can always start with a larger guard and work your way down until you achieve your desired length.

The Taper Lever: What Is It, And How Does It Work?
A taper lever is a convenient attachment found on the side of the Cut Buddy trimmer. While trimmers are already designed to give you a more precise and close cut than clippers do, the addition of this lever allows you to customize your haircut even further. You can easily adjust the blade length by opening and closing this lever; closing the lever will give you a shorter cut and opening it gives you a longer cut. So if you want to get an even closer cut, try closing the lever. It can make a huge difference!
Changing the closeness of your cut isn’t the only thing these levers are used for. If you’re using your trimmer and you find that the blades have become jammed or clogged with built-up hair, the lever can help get it cleaned out. Simply move the lever up and down a few times. You should be able to clear out that buildup and free the blades in no time!

Make Your Home Haircuts A Breeze
We do our best to make your home haircut experience as simple as possible, which is why our Cut Buddy products (and their attachments) are designed to be easy to use, even for beginners. But if you have questions about any of our products that this post hasn’t answered, go ahead and reach out to us. Our Cut Buddy Pros are always happy to help out!

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