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How To Use Our Total Hair Care System

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If you’re wanting to start cutting your own hair from the comfort of your home, then you’re in the right place! When you shop products from the Cut Buddy you have access to a total hair care system with everything you need to get the job done. Gone are the days of botched home haircuts – with our hair care system, we promise you’ll be more than satisfied with your home haircut results.

An All-Inclusive Hair Care System

We proudly offer hair care products and tools designed to handle all of your grooming needs, regardless of what stage of life your hair is in. You don’t even have to have a full head of hair to use our Bald Buddy skull shaver! We have options for general hair care and maintenance, hair loss, and even hair rehabilitation. In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing the different products we offer in our collection, and how they’re related to the stages of hair care. By the time we’re through, you should have a pretty good idea of which products would be best for you!

Products for General Hair Care and Maintenance

If you’re at the stage where you just need general hair care and maintenance tools or styling products, then we have plenty of options for you. The Trim Buddy Trimmer and Shaper Combo is one of our best sellers! We recommend this trimmer for beginners because it’s great for learning various edging techniques. Our rechargeable trimmer is user-friendly, featuring a one-button design and a comfortable grip. Use the Trim Buddy for beards, mustaches, sideburns, or practicing lines. It’s super versatile! The Trim Buddy also comes with a free Speed Tracer Pencil and a Cut Buddy Shaping Tool.

For everyday looks and all hair types, use the Cut Buddy Hair Clipper and the Cut Buddy Shaper. These two products are also available as a combo set on our website, and they’re priced affordably! When you purchase this combo, you’ll receive the hair clipper, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, a charging cord, guards, a Shaping Tool Guide, and a Tracer Outlining Pencil.

Products for Bald Heads
If you have a smooth shaven look on top, The Cut Buddy hair care system has amazing products for hairless heads, too! Take the Bald Buddy, for example. This ergonomic bald shaver was designed to specifically combat common issues that bald people face when trying to get a clean shave. So if you’re tired of dealing with painful razor snags, pesky shaving bumps, and that horrendous post-shave itchiness, then we recommend checking out the Bald Buddy. Using the best skull shaver on the market just might change your life!

The Bald Buddy features a precision cutting system, which allows users to achieve a smooth, close shave every time, with minimal effort. It’s designed to feel like an extension of your arm; it fits nicely into the palm of your hand and gives you a firm grip so you can reach any part of your body with it. This shaver features five thin rotary blades that use flex action, which helps lower the potential for any razor bumps or irritation that could occur post-shave.

The Shaving Bundle comes with three products: our Shaving Cream, After Shave Solution, and our Shave Butter. These products were made specifically to target various issues that shavers may be having with their hair. If you’d like more information on these products, or on dealing with ingrown hairs in general, then check out The Cut Buddy Blog for more info. We go into detail on the causes of ingrown hairs, and the best Cut Buddy products to use for treating them.

Products for Hair Loss
For those who are dealing with thinning hair or hair loss, we recommend the Bald Buddy Exfoliating Brush. The exfoliating brush works as an attachment on the Bald Buddy Ergonomic Bald Shaver. Exfoliating the scalp encourages hair growth. You can also use this exfoliator on your face regularly to avoid clogged pores. We truly love this brush – it’s a crucial part of our total hair care system!

Products for Face Hair
Our hair care system wouldn’t be complete without products for facial hair. Many people who shave have to deal with painful ingrown hairs, irritation, or razor burn. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck! Our hair care system includes our Shaving Bundle, which offers products specifically designed to combat ingrown hairs and defend against any post-shave irritation. If your goal is to get your hair back to a healthy state, then you will want to try the 3-step bundle for ingrown hair and irritation defense.

As you can see, we’re incredibly proud of the collection of products and tools included in our Cut Buddy total hair care system. We’re thrilled to provide our loyal customers with an all-inclusive system that features grooming products for everyone. We believe that everybody deserves to have high-quality hair care products, no matter what stage their hair is in. If you have any questions about specific products, tools, or hair issues, please feel free to reach out and contact a Cut Buddy Pro today!

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