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Shaving Your Head For Halloween Might Be a Boo-tiful Thing

Posted by Joshua Esnard on

Soon green leaves will turn to autumnal colors and drift toward the ground. School is back in session, and something fang-tastic is right around the corner—it'll be Halloween before you know it! Why not dare to scare by shaving your head for the holiday?
Now, you might be thinking we've lost our pumpkins. Shave? All the hair? But hear us out! There are some excellent reasons you shouldn't be afraid to shave your head for a Halloween look or an everyday hairstyle. So, why should you have your head for Halloween?

1. For the Costume

Whether you're bald already or not, shaving your head might be perfect for your ideal Halloween costume this year. Wait—haven't decided what outfit you will wear to a Halloween party or Trick or Treating with the kids? Don't worry; we've got some great ideas!

Dominic Toretto or Riddick

Show off your bald and beautiful head (or freshly shaven) by becoming the main character in movies starring Vin Diesel. This costume is a breeze to put together. You've become Dominic with a bald head, a sleeveless tank, and a pair of jeans.
To get the Riddick look, you only need a good pair of roughed-up black cargo pants, sleeveless textured tank, goggles, leather or faux leather half gloves, and sturdy boots.

Walter White

The anti-hero (or villain, we won't judge) of this show's most iconic look consisted of a goatee, bald head, and yellow hazmat suit. You can even throw in a gas mask or not.


Dress up as one of the scarier-looking villains from popular book and movie series. You're ready to scare muggles and wizards alike with a wand, black shirt, black pants with a black robe, some grey makeup, and a prosthetic no-nose.

The Professor

Comic books tend to have a lot of bald characters, and you might be able to take your pic on who to dress up as this Halloween. The Professor, however, is another superhero that rocks the bald head and a classy navy blue suit.
You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me
What's great about this next costume from a kid's (and adults') beloved animated movie is that you can tailor it. Go for Robin William's character, or go as Will Smith's character. Some blue skin paint, a fake top knot, gold-colored bands on the wrist, and blue pants complete the look.

The Blue Pill or the Red Pill

The iconic look of Laurence Fishburne from the sensational movie released in 1999 still resonates with many fans today. Get out your black leather trench coat (real or faux), and a purple suit, and you're ready to free your mind and take the red pill.

Female Warrior

Protect the king this Halloween by dressing up as the General of the Dora Milaje. If you're not savvy with sewing or cosplay, there are plenty of pre-made warrior costumes available. A bald head, gold choker, gold bracelet, black boots, kimoyo bracelet, and a toy spear will pull this powerful bald-friendly costume together.

2. Wigs

Is part of your costume going to be a wig? Do you usually wear a wig anyway? There are a lot of pros to shaving your head before wearing a wig and a few cons to look out for.

• Less prep. There's not much needed for prep when your head is shaved, as you don't need to braid your hair down. Depending on how close of a shave, you might only need to use a little gel or styling foam to lay it flat.

• Without the hair, your wig will lay much flatter, making it look more natural.

• Longer hair can often prevent a wig from fitting correctly. Most wigs will work far better with a shaved head.


• U-part wigs are open at the crown area, so you can leave your natural hair to blend with the wig hair. If your head is shaved, you can't wear a U-park wig.

• A common issue is ordering and finding out the wig you bought is too big for you without hair. Wigs that are too large for your head tend to rub against your hairline, slip off your head, and make it more challenging to conceal the lace, if it is a lace front.

3. For the Benefits

Maybe it's for a Halloween costume, but you might find that after the spooktacular holiday is over, there are some benefits to keeping your head shaved too! What are some of the benefits to a bald head after Halloween?
1. If you're experiencing male pattern baldness, something that affects roughly 40% of all men by the age of 35 and 50% of males by the time they reach 50, then shaving your head may also shave years off your appearance.

2. More and more are turning to DIY clipper cuts to save more money on hair care. When you don't have any hair or very little hair, there are not a lot of hair care products you need. You probably won't need to worry about buying gels, hair sprays, waxes, or mousse. Next, you'll save a ton by not having to go to a stylist for a haircut. Last but never least, maintaining a bald head once it's shaved takes very little time. Depending on how long it is when you first shave it, it could take up to 30 minutes or longer, but once it's shaved, it might take less than five minutes for upkeep.

3. Do you live somewhere in a hot climate that rarely experiences cold temperatures? A shaved head is an excellent means to enjoy a breeze and a slight coolness without the weight and heat of hair. Just make sure you always protect your head with sunscreen!

Are you ready to trick and treat yourself to an excellent costume, wear your wigs more comfortably, or try something new? The Cut Buddy is prepared to help! Check out our sensational Bald Buddy Ergonomic Bald Shaver before Halloween to get the smoothest shave and happy haunting!

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