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Why You Should Cut Your Own Hair

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Have you been wondering if trying to cut your own hair is worth it? While there is something fantastic about having your hair cut professionally—no shade to stylists and barbers—it is also expensive and potentially risky to your health. If getting to the barber shop or salon is a hassle, you don't want to risk exposure to health issues, or you're trying to save on expenses, being able to cut your own hair is a great alternative!

With a global pandemic, barber shops and stylists closed, inflation, and rising prices, many of us don't have access to everything we need or enjoy at the moment. If you want to try cutting your own hair or cutting others’ hair at home, there are many fantastic reasons why you should, and the Cut Buddy Pros are here to share them with you!

Video Tutorials for Home Haircuts Are Easy to Follow

Thanks to the internet and talented stylists creating content everywhere, video tutorials are more accessible than ever! From TikToks and Reels to YouTube videos by professionals and influencers, there are plenty of visual guides at your disposal. If you've never cut your hair before, you can sit down and watch a tutorial (or fifty of them) before you break out the scissors and clippers.

We also have some helpful tips in video tutorials on some of our popular Cut Buddy products for you.

Get the Look You Want Every Time

Ever go through the explanation with your hairstylist or barber only to find the finished look wasn’t what you expected? No one understands exactly what you want more than you.
When you learn to cut your own hair, there is no chance of miscommunication or need to explain to someone what sort of haircut you're looking for—you already know! With a little practice, you can experiment with different styles and cut your hair anytime to stay fresh. Trimmers, clippers, and straight edge razors can help you keep your lines crispy, touched up and looking clean.

Save Money When You Learn to Cut Your Hair

One of the most popular reasons to cut your own hair is that it can save you money. Even if you have a fantastic deal with your local barber or hairstylist, unexpected costs, rising prices, and so much more can leave you without extra room in your monthly budget. On average, haircuts can sometimes range from $20 to $50, and not everyone can afford this expense as frequently as they’d like to maintain a hairstyle.

Surprising Mental Health Benefits to Cutting Your Own Hair

You might not realize it, but there are great mental and emotional benefits to cutting your hair at home. When we're in a state where we feel like we have little to no control over things, it can be a comforting thought to try and control the one thing you can—which is how you look.
For example, during the pandemic lockdown, many of us were confined to our homes during quarantine and some felt compelled to make a change to their look by giving themselves a haircut! Psychologists say that striving to retain control over what we can is a common response to situations that feel out of control.
Several common emotional or psychological activators can prompt someone to try and cut their hair at home. Doing something like cutting your hair can feel good because it is an action you can take. When you act, there's a sense of accomplishment. You could be wanting to try a playful lineup with a design or going for a completely new look, but beyond that, many of us may only want to do a simple trim.
Teaching yourself new things also keeps your mind engaged. Learning a new skill can even train your brain to handle a wide range of challenges. So, in addition to learning how to use the tools and skills needed to cut your own hair, you’re keeping your neural pathways active. Plus, you can proudly tell someone who asks where you got your hair cut, that you did it yourself!

No Appointments or Time Constraints for Home Haircuts

Everything demands our time: work, chores, errands, hobbies, and we can’t forget self-care! We only have 24 hours each day to tend to every part of our lives. Between taking care of your home, kids or pets, and yourself, you may not have the hours in the day to dedicate to an in-person appointment. There's a quick and easy fix in your bathroom that won't chew up several hours of your day!
Cutting or trimming your hair at home can take less than 10 minutes, depending on your goal. If it's just a trim of a few stray hairs, cleaning up your edges, and smoothing some flyaways, you can definitely trim your hair at home. Plus, there's no need to worry about figuring out the best time to set up an appointment or worry about missing it when you can take care of a haircut at a time that works for you!

Cut or Style Your Hair Anywhere

Styling and cutting your own hair makes it easy to maintain your look. With powerful batteries and cordless technology, you now have the freedom to cut and style anywhere you go. Wherever your travels send you out for work or play, a cordless hair clipper and trimmer can make any bathroom your salon.

There are many personal and financial benefits to cutting your own hair and having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. No one understands this better than Cut Buddy Founder, Joshua Esnard. The Cut Buddy Pros are no strangers to the unique struggles and joys that go into cutting and trimming your hair or beard at home.
The initial fears and frustrations can be set aside with the powerful Trim Buddy, Cut Buddy Clipper, and Original Cut Buddy or Cut Buddy Plus hair shaper template. These tools were created to meet the challenges of trimming and cutting your hair and beard on your own. Whether you're looking for the perfect template to help you trim and line up your edges or you need an Ergonomic bald shaver like Bald Buddy to make shaving your head easier than ever, The Cut Buddy has something for everyone.

Ready to cut your own hair at home? If you have any questions for Cut Buddy Pros, we'd be delighted to help you. We're here to make haircuts easier than ever! Feel free to reach out anytime with questions.


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