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Your Guide to Achieving 360 Waves From Home Using Cut Buddy Tools

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Are you eager to achieve those eye-catching 360 waves but aren’t sure how to get the look from home? You're in luck, because in this blog post, we’re going to teach you how to style and cut your own hair to get 360 waves using the Cut Buddy All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit! Our high-quality hairstyling and hair shaper tools are ideal for elevating your hair game and can help you get the freshest hairstyles without professional expertise. So if you’ve grown tired of your typical hairstyle, this is the post for you. Let's dive in and make those waves pop so you can have a fresh new look for summertime!

What Are 360 Waves?

Before we begin with the tutorial, let’s start by defining what 360 waves are. 360 waves have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon and act as a symbol of style within various communities. Basically, this is a hairstyle where the hair forms a pattern of deep, wave-like ridges all around your head, offering a unique and eye-catching style option for those looking to express their individuality and showcase their dedication to hair care and grooming. These waves are the result of precise hair grooming, proper brushing techniques, and a consistent routine, so they’re not for everyone. You’ll have to put some time and effort into creating and maintaining the style. It's all about crafting a stunning wave pattern that will turn heads (in a good way).

Getting The Right Tools

Now that we’ve covered the definition of the 360 waves hairstyle, let's go over the tools you’ll need to get the job done. Here are the necessities: clippers, a mirror setup, a comb, brushes, and a wave cap or durag (for overnight care). Because you’ll need a few different tools, we always recommend checking out the Cut Buddy All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit. This versatile kit comes with 35 pieces and is perfect for setting up your home haircut station. You’ll need the following to achieve this hairstyle:

  1. Cut Buddy Guide Tool: The Cut Buddy is a multifunctional grooming tool designed to help you achieve precise hairlines, shapes, and fades. It features various curves and edges that act as guides for trimming and shaping your hair.
  2. Trimming Scissors: This kit includes a pair of high-quality trimming scissors, perfect for fine-tuning your hair length and achieving clean edges.
  3. Styling Comb: A styling comb with wide teeth is included to help detangle and manipulate your hair during the process.

Achieving 360 Waves

Now that you’re familiar with the tools you’ll need, let's explore the process of achieving those coveted 360 waves with the Cut Buddy All-Inclusive Trimming and Clipper Kit. There are three major steps: preparation, trimming/shaping, and brushing/maintenance. We’ll break down each category into more detailed instructions so you’ll know exactly what to do.
Step 1: Preparation

The first step in any haircutting process is preparation. It’s crucial to prepare your hair properly if you want to achieve the best results. You’ll want to start with clean hair, so begin by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to ensure it's clean and manageable. This will make it easier to work with when you begin the cutting process. Next, use a towel or a hairdryer to completely dry your hair. Working with wet hair can make it difficult to achieve precise cuts and proper wave formation, so this step is important.

Step 2: Trimming and Shaping

Now that your hair is prepped and ready to go, it’s time to start shaping those waves. Here’s a quick breakdown of the three steps you’ll want to follow to achieve your desired look:

  1. Use the Cut Buddy Guide: Begin by bringing the Cut Buddy guide tool up to your head, aligning it with your desired hairline and shape. The guide's curves and edges will help you create clean lines and symmetrical cuts.
  2. Trim the Hairline: Use the trimming scissors included in the kit to carefully trim and shape your hairline along the edges of the Cut Buddy guide tool. Take your time and make small, controlled cuts for a precise and natural-looking hairline.
  3. Define the Wave Pattern: Use the curves and edges of the Cut Buddy guide to shape and define your wave pattern. Align the guide with the desired angles and patterns, and use the scissors to trim the hair accordingly.
Step 3: Brushing and Maintenance

Once you've achieved the desired shape and trimmed the hairline, it's time to focus on brushing and maintaining those waves. This step is key to making your waves last. Here’s what to do:

  1. Brushing Technique: Use the styling comb to detangle your hair and distribute natural oils evenly. Then, grab a wave brush and begin brushing in the direction of your desired wave pattern. Start with the sides and work your way to the crown and back of your head. Apply consistent pressure and brush in circular motions to encourage wave formation.
  2. Brushing Routine: Establish a consistent brushing routine, dedicating at least 10-15 minutes each day to brushing your hair. The more you brush, the more defined your waves will become. Be patient, as it takes time for the waves to develop and mature.
  3. Maintain Your Waves: Now that you’ve achieved the hairstyle, it’s time to learn how to maintain your waves. This is the most important thing you can do to make this style last and make sure all your hard work pays off! You’ll want to protect your waves by wearing a wave cap or durag while you sleep. This will help the waves keep their shape overnight and protect them from anything that could potentially harm them.

Additional Resources: Cutting Hair with 360 Waves

We hope this information helped you learn how you can do your own hair to achieve stylish 360 waves. If you ever need to know how to tape or line your freshly-waved hair, check out The Cut Buddy YouTube Channel. In one of our videos titled Haircut Tutorial for Taping and Lining Short Hair and 360 Waves, special guest 360Silk visually demonstrates the process with step-by-step instructions. Visit our website for additional video tutorials!

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