How-To-Use | The Cut Buddy (Original) Hair and Beard Grooming Tool

How to Use...

The Cut Buddy (Original)
Hair and Beard Grooming Tool

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Helpful Tips:

If you are unable to get your ideal result on the first try, use the template's other curves or combine curves together to make your desired curve. Try not to push your natural hairline back. The goal is to hold the product against your natural hairline.

Also, if you have trouble holding the product while trimming or shaving, purchase our Beige Speed Tracer Pencils or White Speed Tracer Pencils to trace the lines before cutting your hair. Many of our customers find this more manageable since it frees up their hands, and they can simply cut along the lines they have drawn.

An example of using the template plus our Speed Tracer pencils with a straight razor:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Make sure your hair and/or beard is dry, clean, and free of any oils or creams before using the product. It is not recommended that you cut your hair when it is very wet or dirty. Wet cuts with a razor or blade should be done with shaving cream.

2. Comb out the hairs that you plan to trim. The Cut Buddy PLUS+ edition has a built-in comb. If using the original design, the Wash and Style Detangle Hair Brush helps to get the best results.

3. Grab the middle of the product with your pointer finger and thumb. Think of it as a hard pinch.

4. Hold the product firmly and place the desired curve that fits your natural hairline against your face. Once the product is against your face, firmly press the product flush against your skin as if you want to bend the product. It is important that you do not shift your hand or move the product at all. The firmer you hold, the better the cut!

5. Cut precisely along the line of the product. You may need to run the trimmer a few times. Make sure all the hairs are cut before fully lifting the product away from your face. Do not run the trimmer, clipper, or razor too many times on the same area as you may irritate your skin.