The Cut Buddy PLUS Edition

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Tutorial Videos (NOTE: These videos are using the old product version which is NOT clear like the current one!):
More than 1 million+ satisfied customers love the original version that you saw on Shark Tank.  Some satisfied customers said there were still some ways we could make the original Cut Buddy even better: We listened.
The Cut Buddy PLUS has everything you loved from the original version on Shark Tank with exciting new features:
  • Built-in beard, mustache, and hair comb
  • Longer curves to fit any head size, hairline shape, or beard curv. Helps reduce beard and haircut trim mistakes
  • Measuring notches around all edges and curves to increase accuracy
  • Extra durable design with multiple grips for maximum trim angles and shapes
The Cut Buddy PLUS design is patented and can't be copied; it fits all possible head sizes, hairline shapes, and beard curves. No other template, stencil, or guide in existence can offer as many angles and grips to maximize beard and hairline trim and shave accuracy.  No more uneven sideburns, hairlines, beard, or neck lines.  Reduce mistakes and easily give yourself (or others) a barber-quality line-up or beard trim.
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Beard and Haircut grooming has never been easier.  Compatible with any clipper, shaver, trimmer, or razor (straight or disposable).  Make sure to get the 4-Pack of The Speed Tracer Pencil as well to further increase accuracy and eliminate mistakes. You only get 1 pencil in this unit.
Feel that just-left-the-barbershop confidence daily with the newest product from The Original Home of the Hair and Beard Grooming Guide & Template: The Cut Buddy PLUS+.