Beige Skin Tone - Speed Tracer Barber Pencils + Sharpener

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Product Description

  • Four (4) Beige Color Barber Eyeliner Lining Pencils with Sharpener
  • Great for Tracing Beard or Hair Lines Before Cutting or for Applying Makeup
  • Great for Barbers and Stylists to Improve Accuracy in Detailed Beard or Haircut Lining
  • 5-inch pencils
  • Great Guide for Shaving, Trimming, or Lining with The Cut Buddy (or other beard shaping tools)

A pack of Four (4) Speed Tracer Barber and Eyeliner Pencils to help outline your Hairline or Beard curves and edges before cutting or trimming! These pencils reduce trimming errors and make grooming yourself as easy as drawing in a coloring book! Each pencil comes with a sharpener and draws in Skin Tone Beige!

Very useful with The Cut Buddy, Beard Ninja, Beard Bro, Beard Class, Beard Black, or any other hair shaper tool. Just put the beard stencil or shaping template against your beard or hairline and draw along the curve with the pencil!


Poplar tree, coconut oil, coloring, castor oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, other waxes and oils

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