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Things To Know About Caring For Your Shaver

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Here at The Cut Buddy, we find that the majority of product returns we get aren’t due to manufacturer error – most of the time, the razors stop working because they aren’t being cleaned properly. Since this is such an important step toward maintaining the life of your shaver, we want to make sure everyone knows the proper cleaning techniques. Along with helpful video tutorials, we hope to address specific issues on the care and cleaning of grooming tools in this blog post.

Why Does an Electric Shaver Need to Be Cleaned?

If you’re wondering why you need to clean your bald shaver, the answer is pretty simple. If left uncleaned, especially after multiple uses, your Bald Buddy shaving head can seize up and stop working. This is due to all of the hair and shaving cream gunk that starts clogging up the shaver. If you allow your shaver to go for a while without being cleaned, the buildup can get out of control. We find this to be one of the biggest reasons a customer thinks their shaver has "stopped working" - rather than cleaning the shaving head, they request a return or simply switch to a completely new shaver. This results in wasted time and money, which are two things nobody wants.

How To Keep Your Skull Shaver Clean

Cleaning your shaving tools is as easy as 1-2-3. There are a few simple steps to getting a beautifully clean electric shaver:
1. While attached, dip the shaving head into a cup of water.
2. Power up the shaver while it’s in the water - as you do this, you should notice hairs from inside the shaver coming out into the cup.
3. Tap the shaving head lightly on the sides of the cup as you remove it from the water.
And that’s it! Like we said, easy.

A clean head will always give you a closer shave! So, if you want your grooming tools to last a lifetime, we recommend you use this method of cleaning pretty often. You’ll want to complete this cleaning technique at least every time after you shave. It’s even better if you do this while you’re shaving, too. After you run the shaver on your head each time, a quick dip into the cup of water can really make a difference.

How to Deep Clean Your Electric Shaver

If you’re consistent with cleaning your shaving and grooming tools, then you shouldn’t have to worry about doing more for regular care and maintenance. However, if you neglect to keep up with cleaning your shaver, and you end up with a bunch of buildup, you’ll have to do some deep cleaning. 

To deep clean your bald shaver, you’ll want to start by taking off the heads. They should pop off pretty easily, so you won’t have any problems there. Taking off the heads will give you more direct access to any gunk that’s built up inside your shaver. To get rid of the buildup, you can take out the middle piece of the head. Just look for the arrows – if you turn them, you can pull off the head and work on disposing of the built-up hair and shaving cream. Then you just pop the pieces back on, and you’re good to go!

What If The CB Hubcap Comes Off?

If you clean your shaver in too hot of water, it can sometimes cause this issue. The hot water can cause the glue behind the cap to come undone, which makes the cap pop off of the shaver. While this cap won’t actually affect the shaving process (it’s just for looks), you can avoid the hassle of it popping off by making sure you don’t use hot water to clean your tools. We’ve found that warm water or room temperature water works best!

The Cut Buddy University Video Gallery
If you find yourself having further questions about proper care and cleaning of grooming tools, we encourage you to check out our Cut Buddy University Video Gallery. This is a page on our website that features video tutorials from our CEO and #1 Cut Buddy Pro himself. You’ll find plenty of videos on caring for your Cut Buddy shaving tools, such as Troubleshooting a Shaving Head , Deep Cleaning Rotary Shaver , and Replacing Rotary Bald Shaver Heads .
These videos offer step-by-step instructional guides, and they can most likely answer any questions you may have!

If you still have questions that weren’t answered in this blog post or one of our videos, then feel free to reach out to us for help regarding proper care and cleaning of grooming tools. Our Cut Buddy Pros are always happy to help in any way that they can! You can reach our amazing customer service representatives through the Contact Us form on our website, or by sending us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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