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Shaver Issues? Deep Cleaning Rotary Shaver

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Hello. Here creating this video today to show you the various levels of shaver neglect. One of the main reasons why people return the Bald Buddy is they say it's not turning on, it's not working, uh, it just stops working. The main reason why these things happen to your main shaver is because you're neglecting to clean these in the proper way. All right? You're not putting it in a cup of water and running it in this cup of water and letting the hairs come out. So I'm going to show you the various levels of ways to break your shaver. 


So after you shave, or after you run on your head, you need to make sure that you are cleaning this shaver. And to clean the shaver, it's pretty easy. You just dip it in a cup of water and you run it. Alright? You see all the hairs that have come out? That is really the only way you need to clean your shaver. Now, if things get really bad, then you can opt to doing a deep cleaning by actually taking off these heads. All right? You just pop them off and you'll have access to any buildup that's happening. But build up does not happen unless you've neglected to clean your shaver after every run. 


So I'm going to show you various things that happen. So check out this shaver, there's hair buildup in here. I'm going to take off the other caps. So you'll notice that there's hair buildup. If you continuously run the shaver in a cup of water and get rid of the hair buildup, you won't have to deal with this constantly. So, to deal with hair buildup, you know, if you want to deep clean your shaver, this middle piece here can come out as well. You see the arrows that turn? You just turn it, and then you could pull off the head right here. All right? So this one isn't too bad, all right? You'll notice that some hair has built up, see? Is built up, you know, you want to avoid this from happening, and this can be avoided if after every shave you run it in the cup of water and get all the hair out. So that is the first sign that I go to when someone says my shaver stopped running. 


And how does it stop running the shaver? You notice that this thing spins in here, right? This thing spins this little triangle in here, and this triangle spins inside of here. You see it's spinning? Now imagine if I put a bunch of gunk here and at these white gears. A bunch of gunk, and I stopped it from running, right? Let's do a test. I say don't try this at home. But if I try and seize one of these, if I put a lot of hair in, it's gonna do this. It's gonna stop these motors from running, it's gonna wear down these rotors, and eventually, if you have this going on with a lot of debris in there, your shaver's motor is gonna blow. So if you're blowing your motors or if it’s turning on and it's having issues with its circuit, or if it's just turning off or it's not charging, it means that you blew your battery or your motor and your shaver because you were not cleaning these areas. It's like an oil change for a car. You have to do it or else the car will cease to work. All right? 


Let me show you other various things, um, that people return shavers for. You see this hubcap, the CB hubcap that's on here? And if it comes off, that means that you were trying to clean your shaver in very hot water. There's no need to clean it in boiling water. You just need warm water or shower temperature water. But if you keep it running in very hot water, the glue behind the cap is going to come undone, and the cap's gonna come off. Now, you can still use this shaver even like this because this cap is just for looks, for branding. It has nothing to do with the actual cutting. The cutting goes on behind here, you see. Goes on behind here, behind these fan blade areas. Nothing to do with the middle. So you should not return your shaver, or you don't need to replace your head if this little cap comes off, all right? 


So let's look at some other, uh, heads. These are actual returns from people that said their shaver stopped working, so I'm actually going to look into what exactly they return the product for. We'll see if they actually neglected in cleaning their shaver and they ended up seizing their motor. So let's go ahead. If I wanted to deep clean this and check it out, I would open it up. See right away here I can already tell that they started to build up some shaving cream. Yep, look at, oh my goodness. Ah. Oh my goodness, look at this. Are you kidding me? Look at this, will you look at this? Look at that. This, this is just ridiculous. This person never cleaned their shaver and they seized their motor. This, this is beyond nasty. There's a bunch of gunk in here. This would definitely stop these from spinning, and it would stop these from spinning, and then it would seize the motor back here. Um, this, this is just disgusting. Yeah, look at this. Would you look at that? I can't even unscrew the middle piece. Oh my goodness, this thing is so jammed up. Yeah. This, this is why your Bald Buddy broke, because you locked all these gears, which ended up locking this, which ended up causing a break inside of here or burning out your battery. If your battery's trying to push against something, is trying to turn something that's locked, your motor is gonna blow, you know. So this is, uh, this is nasty all right? I, I really shouldn't have even accepted a return like that without inspecting what they sent me back. So in their case, they either blew out their motor, or all they needed to do is get a replacement head and put it in. But if you've already blown out your motor, then the days of your Bald Buddy are gone. All right? 


Let's check out other people that have returned the product, but I think you guys are getting the gist of what's going on here. Other people that return the product saying that their Bald Buddy shaver doesn't cut well or has turned off. It means that you're not taking care of your blades, you're not cleaning them by running them in in water. All right? 


So let's go ahead and check this out. So already I can tell that inside of here there's a buildup, a major buildup of just cream in here. This person was not cleaning their shaver as well. This person simply just had to clean their shaver by running it in a cup of water. Let's look at some other areas. Yep, this, there's a bunch of gunk in here. Guys, make sure you're cleaning your shaver between shaves, during shaves. It’s just like a razor. If you're running a razor on your head, you're washing it off in the sink or in water between any heavy shave. Listen to your motor. If your motor is sounding like it's bogging down, it's because there's too much hair inside of it. So simply just run it in water.  


I'm not even gonna go into this full, opening up this one all the way, because I already know what happened. This person simply was not cleaning their shaver properly. Listen to the shaver. After a while it's going to seize your motor. This person returned it saying that it wasn't cutting properly anymore. It's because you have a bunch of hair and cream in there that's slowing down the gears. They're trying to work through milkshake. So getting the milkshake, out put it in the cup of water. See? See? It's created basically a hair and shaving cream soup. You do that between shaves or as you're shaving, your motor will last forever, uh, and your blade’s life will be extended for a longer time than the three months that we recommend.  


So guys, ah, just clean your shaver during shaving and, um, just, if it gets really bad, you need to open up these areas and, uh, deep clean your shaver. All right? So this goes back on by pushing it into the middle and turning it back, uh, against the arrow direction, and then it will lock in. And then these go in by pushing it here, lining it up, and you will hear a pop. All right? Don't do it too hard, because you might actually end up pulling one of these off. You want to just gently align it and pop it on, all right? This guy may have already broke his head trying to, uh. Yeah, this guy had already been trying to, uh, mess with it, so I got it back in.  


All right, I'm actually interested in seeing, um, what the soup looks like coming out of this. I don't even know if it will turn, but I took out the big pieces, so we'll see what goes on. And this work this is for any rotary shaver out there, I'm not trying to sell you on the Bald Buddy. Literally any brand that's out there that has this kind of method of shaving, you need to keep these things clean. 


Yeah, well I have too much soup in here now. But, uh, this thing works man. Uh, people say it, it cuts their head. There's no way it could cut your scalp because your scalp just runs along here, and when your hair actually goes in, this is how it cuts your hair is your hair actually goes through. You see? Your hair runs against it and it goes through these fan blades. It goes through the fan blades and that's how it actually cuts your hair. It doesn't cut your hair on the outside, it 

cuts your hair by pushing any little pieces of hair inside of these blades and actually cutting it, so. 


All right, that's the video on, uh, checking on your shaver head, maintaining your shaver head, cleaning it. A deep dive into what issues usually arise from when you don't clean your shaver properly, the common reasons as to why your shaver shuts down. Um, yeah, and general maintenance. Thank you so much. 

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