Troubleshooting a Shaving Head

Posted by Joshua Esnard on


Sometimes your shaving heads won’t stay on because maybe you’re using it and it popped backwards. But what you’ll notice is that they have these hinges over here, and then also you’ll notice that inside of this piece it has a part that corresponds to the hinges.  


So you need to match this up and then you need to find the area that it pops in. And then you just push this backwards until you hear it pop, and then you’ll see the hinges working together. All right?  


So let’s show you this again. You’ll see that there is a hinge right here, and a hinge right here, and you’ll see that there is a groove for the hinges. And then you match one up, and then you slightly pull it back. And then you will hear it actually click into the hinge. All right? 


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