How To Remove 5 Individual Blades On The Bald Buddy Shaver

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How to Remove Individual Bald Buddy Blades

To remove each blade, grab the grooves with two fingers. Then use your thumb to pop them outwards, and lift the blade gently to detach it. To remove the middle blade, twist it counterclockwise. Inspect the area and clean any build-up. To replace the middle blade, twist it clockwise until it locks in place. To replace the four outside blades, match the blades to the shaver head. Match them up clip to tab, then pop inwards. You will hear a “pop” sound.

Tips From The Clip

One of the top reasons why rotary shavers stop working properly is that there is some sort of obstruction around the blades. In this video, we demonstrate how to remove each blade so you can access the area underneath. It’s a simple process that helps you find out if there is an obstruction, whether that be hair or product build-up. Here are a few of our tips from the clip:
  1. When a rotary shaver stops performing to its full capacity, there’s probably some sort of obstruction that’s stopping the individual blades from working properly. This usually happens if you are cutting really long hair as opposed to shorter stubble. However, you can also experience these issues if you aren’t cleaning your shaver often enough.

  2. We have videos on our YouTube channel where we teach you how to clean your Cut Buddy products properly, and we teach you how to do a deep clean in those. For basic cleaning when you’re shaving, you should always have a cup of water nearby. You’ll need to run your shaver in the water frequently, both during your shave and after you’re finished. Proper cleaning can help you avoid having to open up the shaver at all since you shouldn’t experience any obstructions. It can also help extend the lifetime of your shaver.

  3. If you do end up having a clogged shaver, you’ll need to open it up to inspect it and do a deeper cleaning. But how do you get beneath the blades? That’s where this video comes in.

  4. The Bald Buddy has four individual blades on the outside surrounding one middle blade. You’ll need to remove all of these to get complete access to the blockage or build-up, starting with the outer blades. To remove these, begin by grabbing the grooves with two fingers. Then, use your thumb to pop them outwards, and gently lift the blade. It should detach from the shaver. To remove the middle blade, simply twist it counterclockwise.

  5. Now that you’ve removed the blades, it’s time to inspect the area and identify the obstruction. Clean out any build-up or hair that might be blocking the blades.

  6. Once you’re done cleaning the shaver, you’ll need to put the blades back on. To reattach the middle blade, twist it clockwise until you hear it click into place. To reattach the four outside blades, start by matching the blades to the shaver head from clip to tab. Then you’ll push them in until you hear the “pop” sound. This signifies that the blades have been fully attached.

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