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Common Customer Returns and How To Avoid Them

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Video Transcription

What's up, guys? Today we're gonna go through some of customers’ returns and what the possible issues were and what the fixes were. Um, at The Cut Buddy, we take manufacturing and innovation and production serious, so whenever customers have returns, we always check them out and we send them to the manufacturer for quality control so that we fix all these issues. But sometimes they're simple fixes that you don't really have to return the product for if you're really taking care of the product. So today I wanted to go through about five or so returns, and we'll see if they were able to, uh, be fixed on the customer end instead of returning it to us. And that's something that we could work on with our, you know, videos and our instructions better to help customers. But with this video, maybe you can check it out and it'll stop you from returning your product prematurely.

So let's dive into the first return. This customer, the return reason was, uh, on the first use, the item reads fully charged but keeps shutting off. All right, so this is the item, um, okay. It has a, it has a lightning bolt on, it meaning that it still needs to be charged. And then it shows that there is a flickering battery and lightning bolt, meaning that that means it's charging properly. So what this customer probably thought, which I'm reading here, they say they plugged in the product and it was fully charged and then they used it and it died. This person probably didn't check out the instruction manual to actually see that this battery and lightning bolt flickering means it's charging. I know that when you see a battery, a full battery, it kind of looks like it's a full charge, but it actually is telling you that it's charging and it's not fully charged. So, um, this is a product that shouldn't have been returned. It's working, they claim that they turn it on and turn right off.

Your product wasn't charged, um, wasn't charged when you got it. We actually by law can't transit products to you fully charged. Uh, they did that to prevent, like, explosions, uh, in batteries and things like that. Um, uh, on transit, so you could only really transit products that are slightly charged. All right, so that's, that's one return.

Next return we got, here is the reason. Um, it was working for three haircuts, and after each haircut, I made sure to clean the shaver with soap and water to ensure good cleaning. Which is good. I tried to use it yesterday and it won't turn on. All right, so here's the product. Product is running. Product seems to be fine, so the next thing I do is to make sure that it can charge. Product is charging just fine. Now I have to watch the, up, Yep, that's the issue. So if you look at the head here, it shouldn't be swiveling like this. Um, it should actually be locked, like, locked. So what this customer probably did was when they were trying to engage the actual shaving head into the shaver, they twisted instead of popping it inwards. And when you twist it, it actually breaks the gear in here. Although it sounded like it worked, over time when you're shaving your hair, this gear is going to get locked and it's gonna not run the shaver. So make sure when you're actually attaching the shaver back on, um, you're just pushing it inwards until you hear a pop. So now it works fine, but over time because they have a swivel situation going on, this thing is going to break. So all they actually needed to do was to replace this head and they'd be fine. So, um, just make sure you're not twisting the head. All right?

 Okay, next return. Okay. All right, so this customer said right out the box after testing to make sure the unit worked, I attempted to push the shaver back into protective cap and one of the shaver heads immediately broke off. Unit seems to struggle to operate at normal speed now. All other pieces of the product are intact and haven't been used. Okay. So they returned it with this head off. As you can see, this came off. However, um, you wouldn't have to return the shaver for that. We would replace this head if it was really broken. But most of the time these heads actually aren't broken. So what you need to do is, if this part comes off totally from here, then you need to, you need to separate the blade from the, the head by just pulling it apart. So you see I pulled it apart. And basically, you need to look, there is these grooves right here and then there's these grooves kind of look like Lego pieces. And you see that this metal piece fits here. So you basically fit it on here and you line up the groove. And then you basically have to pop it back into the hinge. So this is popped back into the hinge, and then you simply pop this part back on until you hear a pop. So this is back to working, and then you push the shave head back in. This bad boy is back to working. So this did not have to be a return as well. They could have just simply fixed the head by popping it back on. But if there's ever an issue when you receive it with the actual head, and it won't pop back in place, we will replace it. No problem.

 All right, moving on. So this customer said starts to run then quits. Don't like it. I'm sorry, um, let's see what's going on. A shaver, the shaver doesn't seem to charge on first plug-in. Let me make sure I have this plugged, oh, sorry. I just didn't plug it in right. So the shaver is charging, so nothing's wrong with the actual circuit board and charging. Uh, the next thing that I do is I turn it on to see what they're saying. Okay, so the shaver turned off after like five seconds of usage. Uh, and I already know what the issue is going to be. Um, watch. So if I take the head off and I run the shaver, see it's running just fine, running just fine. What I can already tell you is this person is not cleaning their shaver properly. And I'm actually afraid to even see what's in here, because what's happening is they didn't, they didn't clean this properly, and basically this gear is getting blocked up in here and shutting down the shaver. So let's see what's going on in here. Bruh. Oh my goodness. Guys, you gotta, you gotta clean your shaver, I mean, this, this um, this person needs to be cleaning their shaver by taking off the heads and brushing them out. Or they need to be running the shaver in a cup of water when they're shaving. This, all this hair is what's blocking up these gears and going all the way back to here and stopping up your motor. Um, so definitely I'm glad I'm wearing gloves. Um, definitely clean your shaver. This this is possibly the worst I've actually ever seen in my life on a shaver. Um, I'm just going to literally dispose of this. Um. Let me prove to you that the shaver actually works. I'm going to take a clean head on and pop it on, and you see? This thing is running, this thing's running just fine.

 Okay. Well, here's the, uh, here's the last one. So this person returned a shaver, and they said the blade came out and I tried to put it back together, but it wouldn't stick. All right. So this may be the same case as the other one, um, hold up. Um, all right. So there's another issue. A: this person just had to put this back on and connect the hinges like I talked about earlier. But this isn't even a blade for The Cut Buddy shaver, so I don't know what they were attempting to do here. This is a whole other company's, this is a whole other company's blade. So this, this is not our blade. So not sure what to say there. Don't, don't return a product with another company's blade. And maybe you were trying to replace the blades and you ended up breaking our blade. And then you tried to buy another company's blade to use in there. Um, but, um, that's not really fair to us as a small business to, to send us back another blade and say that it broke. Um. Who knows, the customer might have actually broke their, their head and that was true. But, um, please be honest when you're doing the returns.


We, we try our best to just replace the product for you without asking questions, um, but more and more I'm seeing that there's, there's slight neglect on some of these shavers. And we're always going to work with you. We have our email info at You can message us on Instagram or Facebook, anything. And it's usually me or one of the owners, the people that developed this product, that will be helping you solve your issue. And ninety percent of the time, ninety five percent of the time, we're able to help you with your shaver. Now, if there's nothing we could do, it's not charging, uh, it's broken, the circuit board's broken, something's making sounds when you shake it around, we'll replace the shaver. Um, you have a one year warranty on the shaver. Uh, if you subscribe to our blades, uh, on a, on a three month or whatever, uh, subscription plan, then you have a lifetime warranty with this shaver. And, uh, one of the unspoken things I never talk about is, if you're a veteran, a service member, then you have lifetime warranty with our company regardless.

 So, um, thank you for tuning in. Just make sure you take care of your shavers no matter what brand it is, Cut Buddy or any of the competitive brands. And I'm sure that it's going to last forever for you. All right guys? Take care guys.

Key Takeaways

In this video, Cut Buddy CEO Joshua Esnard reviews the top reasons why customers have returned their shavers in the past. After explaining the explanation behind the return, he begins his evaluation, where he tries to determine if the shaver actually needed to be returned, or if the cause was a user error that could’ve been fixed at home. So before you send back your shaver, watch this video. The solution could be as simple as making sure it’s fully charged!
Here’s a brief summary of the key takeaways from the video:
  1. One way to avoid making an unnecessary return is to read the entire user manual. Customers who don’t read the manual have ended up returning their shavers thinking that they were broken when in reality, they just weren’t charged. The user manual will teach you how to charge the unit, and how to read charging indicators. For our shavers, a flickering light means the product is charging, and a constant light indicates that the device is fully charged.

  2. It’s really important that you clean your shaver properly, which means you need to clean it during and after usage. We often get returns where customers think their shaver is broken, but it’s really just jammed up with hair and gunk from shaving cream/shaving products. Clogged hairs will block the gears and motors, causing the shaver to seize up and stop working. So before you send back your shaver, make sure you’ve tried cleaning it first.

  3. Another way to avoid making an unnecessary return is not to install non-compatible parts onto your shaver. We’ve received a shaver that was returned with a shaving head from a competitor instead of the Cut Buddy shaving head. There are some shaver heads from competitors that will be compatible with our shavers, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your shaver isn’t going to work if you aren’t using the right head, so please don’t send us returns of another company’s products.

  4. We’ve had customers return products because they couldn’t get the head to attach to the shaver. With our electric shaver, you have to pop the shaving head on instead of twisting it. This is a different method of attachment than our competitors (Skull Shaver) use – their heads are twisted on. You won’t be able to attach our heads if you don’t read the included instructions.

  5. We always try our best to replace returned shavers, no matter what the reason for the return was. However, we’ve been noticing that we’ve been getting a lot of returns for shavers that aren’t actually broken – they’ve just been neglected in some way. That’s why we’re going to be focusing on sharing more videos like this, so you can learn how to properly care for your Cut Buddy products and avoid making unnecessary returns.

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