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How To Use Cut Buddy Tools To Tape And Line Short Hair

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What’s going on, y’all? It’s your boy 360 Silk, and I’m about to show you how to give yourself a haircut with Cut Buddy clippers. Let’s get it!

All right, first, before you start the cut, you want to take a comb and comb your hair out with the grain. You're gonna go all around your head just like this. And the reason you want to comb your hair out before you cut your hair is so that when you go over it with the clippers you get a nice, even cut. Okay?

So now we're going to take a couple of the clippers. We're gonna turn the dial all the way to 0.8, the closest setting, okay? Boom. And now we're going to take the six-millimeter guard and put it on, and this guard setting is equivalent to a two-guard closed with regular clippers.

So now we're gonna turn the clippers on and press that turbo button until you get three bars. Do you see that? One, two, three. That's a high setting. So now when I take the clippers, we're just going to go over our head in the direction of our hair with the grain, just like this all over your head. That's simple.

All right, that third bar on there? Boom, let's get it. Just like this, nice and simple. I mean, easy as that. You do it with your eyes closed. Simple, I mean. Get the guard on, you got nothing to worry about. And if you did want to cut your hair lower, you just use a lower guard. I mean, just use a different guard. But I'm gonna keep it with this guard for now.

As you can see, what 360 Silk here is he's going with the grain because he has the waves hairstyle in his head. He's making his way from the crown of his head all the way down to the bottom of his hair. This is laying his hair down, the frizzes that come up, to make sure that the waves really pop nicely. So he's gonna make his way slowly around his head with the guard on and you'll see the pieces of hair come off and it will make his hair nice and smooth. And then he'll get ready to do a taper and an edge up after this.

It is very important that you have some type of vision, so use a mirror, whether you're using a handheld mirror or against a wall mirror, to see the back of your head. A great product that you can use to see all around your head when cutting your hair is called the Self-Cut System. Self-Cut System is a foldable mirror that has three panels so you could see around your head. Vision is key when cutting your hair to get an even and nice cut and to avoid mistakes.

All right, now that we cut the hair down, we're gonna take a couple of the trimmers and the Cut Buddy shaping tool. We're gonna need the C curve. So, we're going to take the Cut Buddy shaping tool, we're gonna find what shape we're going to use for our curve. I like this one, matches my curve right here. So I'm going to take the trimmers, we're gonna close the lever. See how you can open it? Close it like that. You can adjust the blade length. This is open, this is the closest right here, closed. You want to close it so we get that nice crispy cut.

I like to come across from this side just so it lines up with this side, nice and even. All right? So boom. All those extra hairs? Gotta go. Got them on, make sure the lever is closed, and let's get it. Having a steady hand is the most important. Make sure you hold the Cut Buddy shaping tool very steady against your head. And if you feel uncomfortable holding the tool, use the tracing pencil to trace out a line to get a guideline to edge up your hair. And it's super simple, you can do it with your eyes closed, see? Literally cannot mess up. Let's follow the guideline. The final result. Boom, nice C curve.

All right, now for the taper, we're going to start off with the Cut Buddy trimmers. We're going to take the trimmers and put the lever all the way to closed. The blades should look like this. See that? Boom, closed. Now, make sure you guys can see me. We're gonna use our eye as a guideline. So I'm gonna line the trimmers up with our eye, come over, boom. That's where we're going to start at, right here. Start right here, come over, boom. Just at that guideline, just like that. Boom.

All right, so, now I got the guidelines set. We're going to take the trimmers, we're gonna turn the clippers. I mean we're going to turn the dial all the way to 2.0, see that? 2.0. Now turn them on, and press the turbo button to get three bars, see that? Three. One, two, three. Just like that, boom. Now we're gonna go up to the top of our earlobe right here, right in that corner. See that? We'll go right into there. You have to see. Boom, just like that. Get my little brush, brush it down. Just like that. Boom.

We're gonna take the three-millimeter guard and put it on. We're going to leave the dial at 2.0. Don't move it. All right, so now we're gonna go up about an inch into our hair. When you go up, go up with like a flicking motion. You don't want to set a hard guideline, okay? So let's try them on, make sure that power is at three, just like that, and let's get it.

This is the hardest part of the cut. You're flicking out, flick, flick, flick out. It's the flick of the wrist guys, that's the most important part about getting a perfect tape.

Yeah, looking as I go up. Look, when you do it, once you go in there, flick at the top. Go in there, flick at the top. Just like that. Watch. Go in, flick at the top, go in, flick at the top. Boom. Just like this. Boom.

All right, now we’re going to take our Cut Buddy trimmers and close the lever just like this. We're going to take our 1.5-millimeter guard and put it on. Boom. Now, see that middle line right there? We're gonna get that in there and blend it all together. So we're going to take our liners and just flick away at that, okay? Don't set a hard guideline, just flick, very light flicks. Watch this. Y'all, just looking at it, I'm not going way up here. I'm just flicking right here, right on the line. See how it’s all fading together? Take a little brush, brush it down, and make sure it's all fading. That middle line is slowly disappearing. Just work at it and it'll go away.

Very important to keep brushing your hair after you fade so that you can see how well you're doing. Always use the brush.

Boom, the line's gone. All right, now to make the fade, just fade in just a little bit better, we're gonna take our clip Cut Buddy clippers again. Gonna turn the dial all the way to 0.8, the closest setting, okay? Now we're gonna take the three-millimeter guard, put it on. We're just gonna cut right here, that's it. We're gonna blend that right there. Simple. Turn it on, make sure the power is on three. Just right here, see that? Nice and simple. We're just gonna take some of that bulk down. Perfect!

Okay, now, the final step. I'm going to take the trimmers, take the guard off, make sure the lever is closed all the way, okay? Now, this tiny little line right there at the bottom, we're gonna flick at that and get that out of there, okay? Just flick it, boom. Light flicks, just like that. And boom. Aye, clean taper, man. See that? Simple!

Key Takeaways
In this video tutorial, 360 Silk takes us step-by-step through a haircut tutorial for taping and lining short hair. Here are some tips from the clip that you should keep in mind before giving yourself a haircut at home with Cut Buddy tools:

1. Before you begin the haircut, you’ll need to comb out your hair. Make sure to go with the grain, and go all the way around your head. This will help you get an even cut with the clippers.

2. Next, take the clippers and turn the dial down to 0.8, which is the closest setting. Then you put the six-millimeter guard on, and press the turbo button until you get the clippers on the highest setting (three bars).

3. Now it’s time to start the cut. Take the clippers and go all over your head, keeping with the grain. Do this nice and slowly to make sure you get an even cut. And if you want a shorter cut, you can use a different guard!

4. It’s super important that you have ample vision while you’re cutting your hair. You can use a handheld mirror or a wall mirror, but just make sure you have a full view to avoid mistakes.

5. Once you get the hair cut down, you’ll want to grab the trimmer and the Cut Buddy shaping tool. The shaping tool is going to help you create a nice, even C curve. You’ll want to choose the one that matches best with your natural curve.

6. Close the lever on the trimmers to get a crisp, close cut.

7. Make sure you have a steady hold on the Cut Buddy shaping tool and on the trimmers. If you’re too unsteady, you can use a tracing pencil to draw the line and use it as a guide instead.

8. When it’s time for the taper, take the same trimmer and make sure the lever is still closed. You’ll use your eye as a guideline to help you determine where to start cutting.

9. Once the guidelines are set, take the trimmer and turn the dial up to 2.0. Start at the top of your earlobe and then move up about an inch into your hair, using a flicking motion.

10. Getting a perfect tape is all in the flick of the wrist. You don’t want a harsh guideline, so make sure you keep flicking out at the top with the trimmer.

11. To blend that middle line that you’re seeing, put on a 1.5-millimeter guard and start working at the line with flicking motions. It’s very important to keep brushing down the hair when you’re doing this step, so you can see how well you’re doing and make adjustments if needed.

12. If you need to fix your fade, take the clippers again and put on the 3-millimeter guard. Turn the dial to 0.8 and take down some of the bulk that might be left along the side of your head.

13. The final step is to take the guard off of the trimmers, close the lever, and find the tiny little line at the bottom of your edge by your ear. You’re going to flick at that a little bit, and it’ll fade to give you a nice, clean taper.

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