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Unboxing 35 Piece Clipper and Trimmer Kit

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This video is to show you what’s in our 35 piece beginner’s clipper and trimmer kit. It comes in a box, really nice box, and you basically slide out the product. First thing you’ll notice, it comes in a nice grooming back. Here’s your clipper instruction manual. 


All right, so, first off, it comes with a travel bag. Has a zipper in the front, has a handle here, has a pocket for your guards or any, um, accessories that you have. Also has a hook so that you could hook it on, you know, anything, so that you can, you know, keep it open and grab stuff maybe if you don’t want to set it on the table or on the floor.  


All right, so, first thing that you get when you open up the kit is you’re going to get a box that has the clipper in it. So take out all the tools that come with the clipper. All right, so, you’re going to see it comes with a USB charging cord, comes with some oil for the blades, comes with a brush for the blades.  


Also comes with a set of guards, so it looks like it comes with a cap, a protective cap, and it also comes with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven guards that you can set up. All right? And the ranges are anywhere from 1.5 millimeter hair length all the way up to, looks like 12, and then there’s also two of them for more of your fading and your taping. 


I would say that this trimmer, I mean this clipper, is better for you know, getting the hair down and shaping around the hair. And as far as, you know, doing proper fading and getting those guidelines out if you’re trying to do, you know, a tape, I would use the trimmer that we’re going to show you soon.  


So here’s the clipper, it has ceramic blades. These stay cool compared to other blades. Um, pretty easy to clean. They stay sharp for a long time. You’ll notice that there’s a lever here that you can go, these are millimeters, and this actually shows you the size of what a millimeter is. You know,  that’s actually pretty accurate. So you can set up different lengths. It’s kind of like the same thing you’re used to on the side of the clipper, but this time we put it into a dial. All right? 


Notice that where the charger goes in down here, all right, and turn it on with the power button. You see the battery display, um, and then you also see these two bars, which means the speed, all right. These clippers also come with a head that can be detached and you can clean inside of here, uh, or clean the blades there whenever anything happens, so that’s pretty cool.  


These are beginner clippers, um, if you’re looking to do 10 to 20 heads a day and be a barber and have a shop, these are not the clippers for you. These are for beginners, these get the job done, maintenance done. These are not for commercial use. All right, so, that is the clipper.  


All right, next part you’re gonna see is you’re gonna get your trimmer. Trimmer comes with a manual as well, and you get the cleaning brush, you get the oil, and you get a USBC charge and a USB. And it looks like it comes with four guards, all right? And the limps of the guard range from 1.5 millimeters all the way up to six millimeters, all right?  


Now the cool thing about this trimmer is it has a lever, all right, so just like the clipper has a lever where you could bring it up to that zero gap to get the edge up, and then you could bring it back if you’re doing more fade work. I like to use this for, you know, fade works between that zero and point five or the zero and one cut, and you’re really having trouble fading it out, the trimmer really gets down to business when you do do that.  


So, you know, when I do my son’s hair, I primarily use this guard, and I’ll start out by fading, by setting it back all the way and then I’ll continue to move it up close as I’m going. And then when I get closer to, you know, getting uh, more of the bald area and trying to fade near to zero, I just  take the guard off and I move this back slightly, and I move it forward all the way until that guideline comes out.  


So, I love these trimmers. As you can see, they turn on, they have two speeds, easy to clean stuff out here. This is where it charges. It has a display that shows you the power and the percentage. These things are great, they, they’re very simple to use, and they do a lot of work. You can actually use this for many jobs, so um, I give these an A+ compared to all the trimmers I’ve owned, uh, in my life. Even up against professional, uh, grade trimmers, t-outliners, yup. They have a t-blade so be easier for your edging up and getting that real detail in. 


All right. Next item is our most famous item. That’s going to be our shaping tool. So, put this against your hairline or your beard line. It has measuring notches, or you can put it against any straight edges on your head, and you go ahead and use the trimmer. Use the trimmer and then you just edge up the hair, the hair that’s exposed on someone’s head, you just edge it up. And whatever is set out to be the shape you made will be the edge up, so it allows you to make those perfect C-cuts and those straight lines so that you never make a mistake on the edge up. You know, that’s, that’s the hardest part of a haircut when you’re a parent at home trying to cut your kid’s hair, or when you’re at home trying to cut your own hair.  


Now, if you don’t feel confident in just holding this against your head and trimming along it, then what we’ve done is we’ve provided an enhancement pencil and also a guide pencil. So what the guide pencil does is, you would place this against your head. So let’s just say this is your big head, all right? Right? So what the guide pencil does is, I’m trying to make a C-curve on my head, I can put this against my head and just draw against my face, and then it gives me a guideline on my skin that I can then go and actually use the trimmer and trim along the line, and now I have free hands and I can cut hair easier that way, you see? And this stuff isn’t going to mess up your trimmer at all.   


Another cool thing about this is after your haircut, you can actually use this and line it along your edge up, and then take the trimmer and pull this away slowly until it gets a little more faded out. And what that does is it lightens up the skin on this side and it leaves the hair on this side and it gives the edge up more of a pop. But obviously it’s not going to last forever, it’s just an enhancement. So, like, if you’re going to a party that night, if you’re going to a wedding, then the enhancement pencil really is cool, a cool feature to make your edge up pop. But I primarily use it to make sure that I have a nice guideline, so I’ll draw on my son’s head the actual edge up line before I actually do the edge up. So, like, I’ll go against his lines and I’ll do this, and then I’ll do that, and then like, if you have a beard you could even set it up and draw your line on, and that way now you have a guide to actually trim up your hair. All right? 


So a whole bunch of cheat codes out here to cutting hair and that’s what we’re here for is just making haircuts easy. You’re not going to be perfect your first time, but with enough practice, and our tools, uh, you’re going to be good, trust me.  


All right, so. Other tools that come with this product are a brush, boar bristle, so this can be used as you cut hair, your brush, or I can use it as a beard brush. Or it can be used as a hair brush, a crown brush, or just a cleaning brush in general. But the boar bristles are nice, they don’t hurt your hair any. Make whoever you’re cutting your hair more comfortable. All right? 


Another thing we added on is a tangle brush. And you want to make sure the hair is detangled before you cut it, but also this is a great brush for the shower. So if you’re trying to really brush out any oils or any soap that’s in your hair, or any dirt that’s in your hair, or creams that you use,  this is a great detangling brush. All right? We know a lot of waivers use these brushes for a washing style so, you know, uh, whenever they’ve wolfed a little bit, you know, they put the shampoo in their hair and then they brush it out, uh, in the correct patterns, and then they put their do-rag back on top, and then they compress it. And then they let water hit the do=rag and let all the water and soap come off. But this is just a really nice thing to, you know, lay your waves down and straighten them out, uh, on the right path so that they’re silky. Shout  out to my man 360 Silk and Nick Wavey. 


All right, so. Another thing that uh, these uh, kits come with is foldable comb. So if you’re trying to just comb out hair as you cut, or comb hair before you cut, it’s a great thing, you know? You could also put it in your pocket or you could be one of those weird people and clip it onto your pants like it’s a knife or something. Well, anyway. So this is a pretty cool comb, um, another thing you could do crown work. For the waivers, if you’re trying to set up your crown in the back of your head, this is a really cool comb. All right? 


There’s a normal comb that’s just a much finer teeth, longer teeth. That’s a standard thing that comes in all clipper kits, um, but we threw that in there.  


There is a mirror. This is not a big mirror, it’s a personal mirror. So if you’re just traveling, trying to get, you know, different ends of your hair as you’re cutting or if you’re just trying to look at yourself, how beautiful you are, because you are beautiful, you know, you have this right here, you know. So, pretty cool. Fits in your pocket, fits in your purse. If you don’t use it, you could give it to your boyfriend or your girlfriend to carry in luggage or their purse or their wallet.  


Last piece I want to show you is the manicure and pedicure kit. Also has tools in there that could help you with ingrown hairs. So this piece has, uh, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten actual grooming tools that you could use for, you know, pedicures and manicures or addressing ingrown hairs. Um, I will have a video showing how each of these tools work or how they can be used, uh, on our website and on our YouTube, uh, so, you know. So it’s just a great tool, you know, you have your, your nail clippers, you have the nail clippers that give you more shape and a defined look to your nails. You have something to scrape off the dirt.  


You have a cuticle-type scissors or a little hair tweet like scissors. You have a tweezer. You have this, uh, this thing, actually, you poke, you can poke out any things that are sticking out, or you could even get out, like, an ingrown hair or a blackhead with this. There’s various files, um, there’s a cuticle, um, cutter that goes along your actual nails to get any gunk or any dead skin that’s around here. Uh, and then there is this scoop thing, you know, uh, that you can actually use to scrape off any dirt or push back any of your, uh, you know, skin that’s growing over your nails so that you, you know, have mainly a nail and just not dead skin growing around hair or growing over your nail, all right? 


That’s the 35 piece kit. Very affordable, it’s the most affordable beginner’s kit that you’re gonna find out there, and hope you enjoy. Thank you. 

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