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How to use Multipurpose Manicure Kit

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Here's a video on how to use our manicure and pedicure kit. If you don't want to use it for your  nails, you can leave it to the side and use it as an ingrown hair kit. But comes in a carrying case and you simply just press the button and open it up. And you'll see that it comes with 10 tools, all right? And I'm going to try to explain my best what each of these tools can help do, and then you can try them out yourself. This actual product comes with our 35 piece clipper and trimmer kit, the beginner's kit. It's one of the accessories.  


Um, so let's go ahead and start. So first tool is the nail clipper. I sure hope you know how to use a nail clipper by now, but if not, cool thing about this nail clipper is there's actually a filer in here. So if you want to just get some filing done, you can, Um, but the function of a nail clipper is to get those nails down. All right? So as you can see, um, I just cut down fingernail. Works pretty well, standard nail clipper. All right? 


Next tool is also a nail clipper, but it allows you to get into the details a little bit more. So you use this tool, um, and your nails aren't perfectly rounded or shaped how you want them to be, you could just go in and cut them to shape. As you can see, if you want more of a rounded look, you can hit the corners if you'd like. This also, for me, doubles as just trying to pick up any random little hairs. I mean, not hairs but like, skin that grows, uh, like the cuticle area. But primarily, this is for nails and it also comes with a file as well on there. 


All right, let's go on to some of these other tools. This is an interesting tool. Took me a while to figure out what it does, but actually what it does is if you have a nail that has stuff on it, like cuticle skin, you can actually run it along the nail and actually get out any of this extra skin. It's kind of cool to me, you know? By the way, this is the first time I am doing my nails, so guys, make sure you take care of your nails. Keep them clean, you know, avoid any type of infection. Uh, nice nails are nice to have. First impressions on your nails, you know, go a long way. Also if you're shaving or cutting hair, you need to have your nails clean. You don't want a barber or someone cutting your hair with ugly looking nails. And also, you don't want dirty or unsanitary nails when you're shaving your head because you might get any of this gunk, uh, in your pores, and it'll break out.  


All right, let's try and find some other tools to work with. Here is a tweezer. I think this is standard. A tweezer is for you to pluck out anything. You know, some of you guys have hairs that grow, um, you know, on your hands. I don't really have many, or much, so I can't really find it, but if you're trying to pluck hairs out, you can use the tweezers to do that. I guess you can use this on other body parts to tweeze hairs out as well, you know? I also sometimes use the tweezers to push these areas back or also to just get any, you know, grime and dirt off of my nails, but there's another tool that helps with that as well. 


The tool that I’m talking about is actually this tool. This is like a scoop, uh, it's like a shovel almost, that you can push these cuticle, um, dry skins back. So like as you can see, I’m pushing this skin that grows over the nail back. You see it a little bit. And then you can go back with this tool and ride along it and scrape out what you've pushed back a little bit. All right? Right now it looks like I’m making a mess, but afterwards, once I put, you know, lotion, and wash my hands, all this stuff will actually come off. But you guys are getting the idea of what these tools actually do. All right? 


This tool is more for poking, um, you know, blackheads. I don't have any to show you right now, but you can localize like, a blackhead or an ingrown hair and, and poke it out, and pull it out. And then this can actually be used to push it against the actual blackhead or like a pimple or 

something like that to actually get the stuff out, if you understand what I’m saying. All right? 


This is another tool just for, you know, getting to any type of grime, um, and using as a general tool to, you know, get things shaped up a little bit. This one here, you know, you could really 

focus on any kind of skin that, that's overhanging over your nails. They're actually pretty interesting tools. I think I might start doing my nails now. Yeah buddy, works good.  


All right, and, um, this is your traditional, you know, um, file I believe. So you could file your nails but you can also go in these areas as well. As you see, manicure and pedicure really focuses on this skin area here and making sure that it's clean and free of any stuff, you know? This area gets infected and dirty pretty quick, you know, so. I'm using this kit for the first time. What other CEOs do you know that would use these tools with you at the same time? 


So I was wondering what these scissors were ,and I mean, you could use them down below to get those hairs a little bit trimmed down. Definitely an option there, or you can use it during the haircut just to get any fine little hairs out, um, after your haircut. But really what this is for is that you come along and get any hairs that, you know, your fingers may have. Like, I'm trying to find you … just a hairless guy on my fingers. Come on. And I really don't have any hairs on my fingers. Well anyway, you get the point. You would go along here, but I can show you with just hair. This is like a scissors, basically, you know? You go along your fingers and just cut any long hairs that, oh here we go, I found one lonely hair. Yeah, all right, there we go. So use this to cut any hairs that are growing on your fingers, um, pretty cool. 


The last tool that's included, um, this one is primarily to get any gunk off of your skin or, you know, lightly, um, getting anything major. Like if you have paint on your nails or anything like that, um, but also like if you have anything mainly on your skin that you're trying to scrape off, um, that's what this is used for. You really just have to lightly, you see I, I'm already doing it and it's, like, taking off the first layer of my skin. You just lightly do it, you don't have to stab it into your hand. But you may have some abrasions on your skin, um, see, I have, I work on my house a lot, so I have something here that I just want to scrape off, you know. Boom. All right? 


All right. So that is your manicure and pedicure kit. I'm actually pretty happy about these results. They look ashy right now, but, you know, the goal is that you would do this job and then you would lotion your skin, or moisturize your skin, and it would come out looking mighty dandy. I'm actually, this this looks pretty good right here, you know? I'm gonna do the rest of my fingers. Boy looks clean.  


All right, guys. Thanks for joining. Keep your nails, uh, clean, and have a good day, all right? 


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