Using Cut Buddy Clippers And Trimmers To Fade And Line Short Hair

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Hey Cut Buddy University! We're going to show you how to use the clippers and trimmers that come in your all-inclusive kit.

First step: we need to create our first guideline. Typically you want to close the lever to get closer to the scalp. Repeat the same steps on the other side. What you do to one side, you do to the other. When creating a second guideline, we have to adjust the lever on the clipper first. So we want to cut off a little less hair.

Next up you will create your second guideline. With that blade on the clipper open, you will blend between the temple and parietal ridge area. Use the 1 guard on your clipper to remove the darkest parts of the hair or the weight line. Use the 0.5 guard to help blend the second guideline with the darkest hair. You will use the corners of your blade to blend that first and second guideline together.

The barber pencil can be used to highlight and create designs.

Before we get to the best part of the haircut, which is the line-up, we need to lay down the hairs. We've got to clean that hairline so we're going to brush it down first. We are now going to use a combination of alcohol and shave cream or shave foam to help clean the hairline. That'll help your hairline look much crisper and sharper once you start to use those trimmers.

We're going to use our clippers just to lay down any hair sticking up. Use holding spray and a blow dryer to help lock in the laid hair. In addition to the trimmer, use the barber pencil and the Cut Buddy line-up tool included in your kit.

We're now going to use the Cut Buddy tool and the white barber pencil to help us create a guideline that is straight enough for our trimmers to follow when creating a nice crispy edge-up.
Using your trimmers, follow the pencil line. Use a comb and your trimmers to knock off any loose hair from the hairline.

Now we have a natural edge-up using the Cut Buddy. Here we have the finished look with line
enhancements using the Cut Buddy system.

Tips From The Clip
In this video tutorial, we show you how to use the Cut Buddy clippers and trimmers to fade and line short hair. Here are the most important tips from the clip to remember when you’re ready to try it for yourself:

1. The first step is to create your first guideline. To do this, you’ll want to close the lever on the clippers so you can get a cut that’s closer to the scalp.

2. Make sure you clean the hair off the clippers as you go, so you can get the best results!

3. To create the second guideline, you have to adjust the lever on the clippers first, because you want to cut off a little less hair. You want that lever to be open now, instead of closed.

4. With the lever open, blend between the temple and the parietal ridge area.

5. Use the 1 guard to remove the darkest parts of the hair (the weight line) and the 0.5 guard to blend the second guideline with the darkest hair.

6. The corner of the blade works best for blending the first and second guidelines together.

7. You can use the barber tracing pencil to highlight areas or create designs!

8. Before working on the line-up, it’s important to lay down the hairs. Brush them down onto your head so you can clean them up!

9. To clean the hairline, use a combination of spray alcohol and shaving cream/foam. Spray the hairs with alcohol and rub in the shaving cream to get it nice and clean.

10. Having a clean hairline will make everything look crisper and sharper at the end, which is always the goal.

11. Wipe away any excess shaving cream or foam with a towel before moving to the next step.

12. Use the clippers to lay down the hairline.

13. Apply holding spray and use a blow dryer on the hairline to help lock in the laid hairs.

14. Next, you’ll need the Cut Buddy Trimmer, the barber pencil, and the shaping tool, which are included in the kit. Use the shaping tool and the pencil to create a front guideline that’s straight.

15. Follow the pencil guideline with the trimmers to create a sharp-looking edge-up.

16. Finally, use a comb to brush down the hairs on the hairline until you’re able to remove all of the loose ones with the trimmers.

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