Tips For Enhancing A Line-Up With Cut Buddy Products

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Cut Buddy University, we are back with a new tutorial on how to use the Cut Buddy tool to help us apply enhancements to our line-up.

First, let's do a quick line-up prep. Spray down the hairline with some holding spray, brush down those loose hairs. We're then going to use the Cut Buddy tool to help us outline our vertical bars on both ends of our temple. Use your mirror, make sure your vertical bars are straight.

We're then going to use that same Cut Buddy tool to help us outline our front line. Again, make sure you're utilizing that white barber pencil to help see that your line is as straight as possible. Take a look at that, very straight! So this white line, we're not going to leave that white line there. We will take it out using our trimmers. We want to soften that white outline. We don't want to leave the house with that white line on our heads, but it's useful as a guideline.

Now we're going to take the Cut Buddy barber tool and we're going to use our enhancements. In this case, we're using the fibers. So you want to make sure when you're using the fibers that you have the application pump about one to two inches away from your skin, and you just pump it easily to apply those enhancements. You don't want to apply too much enhancements – you still want your edge-up to look natural, but you're just giving a much more crisper, sharper, cleaner look. But it still has to look very much natural as possible.

Here we have it, the finished enhanced edge-up to your look. Super clean!

Key Takeaways
In this video installment to Cut Buddy University, one of our experts walks viewers step-by-step through a tutorial on how to use our tools to enhance your hairline. It’s really easy to follow along with, but we’re going to do a quick recap and go over the key takeaways now.

1. The first step is to prep your line-up. To do this, just spray down your hairline with a holding spray and brush down any loose hairs.

2. Take the Cut Buddy shaping tool to outline the vertical bars on both ends of your temple. Line the tool up with your temple and draw a vertical line with the Cut Buddy barber pencil.

3. It’s important that you use a mirror to make sure you get these bars straight. And for the rest of the steps, make sure you have full vision, too!

4. Using the same Cut Buddy tool, outline the front line. Use the tool and the white barber pencil to trace a front line that’s as straight as possible.

5. The harsh white line is just a guideline – you aren’t going to be walking around with it on your head! Use the trimmers to soften the pencil line until it’s blended a bit but still visible.

6. To use the enhancements, take the Cut Buddy barber tool and use it as a guideline to apply the fibers. Make sure you keep the application pump about one to two inches away from your skin. Then you just pump it to apply the enhancements.

7. Be careful not to overdo it with the enhancements. You still want your edge-up to look natural, you’re just making it even sharper and cleaner!

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