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Using the All-Inclusive Kit: A Beginner’s Guide

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Cut Buddy University, we are back with another tutorial on how to skin fade. So what you're going to do is you're going to take your trimmer, you're going to adjust the lever in which the lever is closed, so that you can get a close, close cut to the skin. We're going to start our bald guideline. Where we start that bald guideline is around the temple area of the person's head, okay? You're going to create this bald guideline on both sides of the head, as you can see here.

You're going to notice that when you get around the ear, you want to pull the ear away from the trimmers and/or clippers because it may get cut as you’re cutting past that ear. So you want to make sure you move the ear away. Avoid any accidents as much as possible.

We're taking that trimmer and we're just cleaning up the rest of the back of the head because it's a skin fade. We don't need all that hair in the back. Again, pulling that ear away. Use the close shaver to cut off any stubble.

Step two is going to require us to create our second guideline. So you want to take your Cut Buddy clipper and you want to make sure the blade is open, and you want to just scoop up about half an inch to create that second guideline. Continue to scoop up until you clearly start to see a second line on your client's head.

Step three is going to require you to go back and remove that bald guideline. So how you remove that ball guideline? You take your Cut Buddy clipper, you close the lever, or you close that blade, and you just scoop in that bottom line until you rarely see any kind of line from that first guideline that you made.

Here's a quick tip: even after you close that clipper to remove the bald guideline, sometimes there's still a few dark spots. So you want to take your Cut Buddy trimmer and you want to use the corners of your trimmer, sometimes the full blade of your trimmer, and you want to knock off any dark spots from the bald guideline that you created.

Step four will require you to create a third guideline. Make sure you use your one-and-a-half guard and you want to ensure that your blade is open. You're going to scoop up half an inch above your second guideline to create that third guideline.

Step five: remove the second guideline that you created. Take your one-and-a-half guard, make sure the blade on your clippers is closed, and you want to just scoop into that second guideline to start removing those dark spots.

Here’s another quick tip. You want to take that guard off your clippers and you want to make sure the clipper blade is open, and you use the corners of your blade to knock off any dark spots, any remnants of that second guideline. As you continue to improve in your fade process, you'll realize using the corners of your trimmers and the corners of your clippers decreases the amount of time that you spend fading on a client.

For step six, you're going to use your three-millimeter guard, also known as your two-guard, to deep bulk that third and final guideline. You're not going to create a new guideline, you're just softening or removing the darkest part of the client's head.

Here’s another quick tip. Take that same guard, which is your two-guard, your three-millimeter guard, you want to close the lever on your clipper and you want to cut downward. This is known as cutting with the grain. This is just a great technique to use to lay the hair down. The darkest part of your client's head needs to be laid down so that the fade, the blend, is flawless.

Step seven is known as your corrective work. Use the corners of your clipper blade to knock off any dark spots that you see from any portion of your blend. What you do to one side, you must do to the other side of the head.

Here we have it: the completed skin fade.

Tips From The Clip
In this installment of Cut Buddy University, one of our experts demonstrates a hair-cutting tutorial using the all-inclusive kit. In this video, you’ll find a step-by-step guide geared toward beginners for getting a sleek skin fade. Here are the most important tips from the clip:

1. Begin by taking your trimmers and adjusting the lever so it’s closed. This will give you that clean, close cut that you’re looking for.

2. Create the bald guideline by starting around the temple area on both sides of the head. Continue this guideline all the way around the back of the head, so you have one complete line.

3. When you’re working near the ears, make sure to pull the ear away from the trimmers/clippers so you don’t accidentally cut it.

4. Next, because it’s a skin fade, use the trimmers to remove all of the hair in the back, below the bald guideline. You can then use the close shaver to get rid of any excess stubble.

5. To make the second guideline, take the Cut Buddy clippers (blade open, no guards) and scoop up about half an inch until you start to see a clear second guideline.

6. When it’s time to remove the bald guideline, simply close the blade on the Cut Buddy clippers and scoop at the bottom line until it fades away.

7. If you’re still seeing dark spots after removing the bald guideline, you can take the trimmers the corners to knock off any leftover spots that the clippers couldn’t get.

8. The next step is to create a third guideline. Using a one-and-a-half-inch guard and an open blade, use the clippers to scoop up about half an inch above the second guideline.

9. Now it’s time to remove the second guideline. Use the same one-and-a-half-inch guard, but close the blade on the clippers. Begin scooping at the second guideline to remove the dark spots.

10. If you notice remnants of dark spots along the second guideline, you can use the corners of the clipper blade (no guard, blade open) to knock off the spots. Using the corners of trimmers and clippers actually decreases the amount of time you spend fading!

11. The next step is to use the three-millimeter guard to deep bulk the third guideline. Instead of creating a new guideline, you’re simply softening and removing the darkest parts of hair.

12. For those dark parts on your client’s head, the hair need to be laid down. You can achieve this by using the three-millimeter guard and a closed blade and cutting down (against the grain).

13. Finally, complete any corrective work with the corners of your clipper blade. Remove any leftover dark spots from your blend, and make sure you’re doing the same thing on both sides of the head, so it stays even."

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