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The Best Bald Shavers: Pros and Cons

Posted by Joshua Esnard on

What's up, guys? Today I'm going to be doing a review on my top four bald shavers on the market today. Which one should we choose? See, traditionally, when you shave your head, you used to use one of these. However, they're not really ergonomic. You can really approach your face easily, but when it comes to approaching your head, it gets hard on your wrists, and that creates irritation or uneven cuts. So today we're going to talk about my top four bald shavers on the market. Do not use these on your head, it's not going to give you great results.

So, have four of my favorite shavers that I use. The first one I'm going to talk about is Freebird, which used to be Freedom Grooming. I know you've probably seen some of their advertisements. Um, they have this, uh, more, you know, palm design. And they have a flex blade, which is great because you can really flex on your head, uh, and get in the areas that are really hard to address. Another cool thing about their blades is that you could, um, unhinge them and easily clean them. They choose this method of charging. It gives you, you know, a nice palm feel. There's no slot to actually put your finger in and hold it, so I would say that's the downside of it. Um, it does come with this, uh, trimmer, but let's, let's just keep it real. You're not trimming or cutting any hair with any of these trimmers. So we're not going to cover that. Um, so good, good shaver, uh, waterproof. Uh, I would say it's pretty ergonomic, good battery life, um, they did a pretty good job on this.

Next one I'm going to talk about is the Remington. Um, it's pretty similar to the Freebird design. It's actually exactly the same. I don't know what's going on there. There might be some situations going on as far as design copying. Uh, same exact situation with the trimmer. I would not use this to trim or cut my head. This is not a good trimmer, just get yourself a good trimmer as well. You want to have a good trimmer because if you've grown your hair for longer from five days, or if your hair is longer than, like, five millimeters or so, you probably want to use a trimmer to get that main stubble level down before you use a bald shaver. Because these are really to do that last job to get you to bald.

Now let's talk a little bit about bald shavers in general. They're going to get you down to pretty bald. There'll, there'll still be a little bit of a layer above your skin of hair, but a razor is going to get you totally bald. The reason why these started being invented is because people were facing irritation, or cuts on their head, or ingrown hairs from the blades chopping your head. An actual blade chops your skin down all the way to the meat, and also chops your hair. So you're actually wounding your head to get a bald, smooth feel. And sometimes when the hair is trying to grow through a wounded head, it turns around or it pokes through different holes, which causes a bump. So if you are going to use a razor, I'd use probably a one-blade. If you have coarse, sensitive head, I wouldn't use a multi-blade razor. That's going to give you irritation. Another option you can use is probably a foil shaver, but that's not going to get you all the way bald like a razor. So that's why these were invented, these types of rotary shavers. So that you can ride your head ergonomically with comfort, um, and, you know, don't irritate your head as much.

So yeah. Let's move on to, uh, the Remington. As you can see, similar charging style, um, you're going to power on these products with this power button. Yep. And, um, the, the difference here is that this one has a flexible area, uh, from the neck and from the blade area. Which is really cool to me. Uh, and this one actually does not flex per blade, but flexes from the neck and from the inside. Now, I think that's actually great that the neck flexes, but this type of flex does not actually allow you to really get into those nooks and ride different contours of your head. Because, as you can see, I'm pushing against my head and all the blades aren't actually making contact with my head. So if they had made this a deeper crevice, maybe it would wrap around your head more, but I think that's the downfall of this. Still a great shaver, still one of my favorite ones. You know, this is, this is a good shaver, you know. Both of these are pretty good.

Now, let's go down the line. Now, here's the Skull Shaver. This is by far the most popular shaver, uh, for bald men on Earth right now. Great brand, great inventor, uh, I actually love this brand. Um, they, the, the benefits of this one is, you know, you're not palming it. Um, uh, well, you are palming it. You can palm it from this end, but there's multiple ways to hold it. So with this, you can only hold it like this. Now, with this one, you can actually tuck your fingers in and ride along your head. And it's actually a very nice, smooth ride. Or you can hold it like this. Um, they have a similar situation where, you know, it's an inner flex. So you, uh, but it's actually flexing from this axis, out. So it's kind of the similar situation, and as you can see, it does ride your head I think a little bit better than this one, but still, it may not actually flex to the full contour of your head. If you have a very, you know, different shaped head, all these blades may not touch your head. But I would say that this is your best bang for your buck as a beginner shaver.

Um, as you can see, turns on. Also charges with a similar method as the Remington and the Freebird. Um. It, uh, it attaches a little bit different. So these other ones had more of a pull, um, head. You pull it off and you put it back on. And you need to replace these heads probably every three months, uh, if you do a really good job, like, cleaning them, uh, it could last for six months. But every three months for a rotary shaver you need to replace the head. But, uh, with this one, you twist. You twist and then you pull, which is pretty cool to me. You know, this is, this is a great brand. Um, they're more on the pricey side than the others, but you're getting, you're getting everything you want luxury-wise as a brand, so you really can't go wrong with Skull Shaver.

Um, and obviously, you know, me being, you know, the owner of the Cut Buddy, I have to bring up the Bald Buddy, which is probably the second most popular, uh, well-sold shaver in the world right now. It combines a lot of elements. As you can see, uh, these are ergonomic with your handle. Um, ergonomic with your handle. Uh, you can also hold it like this, which is very ergonomic. Great for people with disabilities and stress in their arms and just can't get those nooks and crannies. But the Bald Buddy increases that ergonomics by giving you a full handle so that you're riding and buffing your head pretty easy, but you can also tuck your hand in here and ride your head pretty smoothly. It also has the flex neck and the flex blades for it as well.

Now, uh, it, you do change the shaver heads like this. Similar to the Freebird and the Remington. Um, actually I'm pretty sure that you can use, yeah you could, you could use the Bald Buddy heads, um, on the actual Freebird as well. It's the same attachment. So if you buy a Bald Buddy head, it can attach to a Freebird. Um, the price point for the Bald Buddy is actually less than all of the shavers I talked about. Uh, this one's coming in at 59.95, and the rest are gonna be anywhere from your 60-something to a hundred dollars. Um. So this gives you ergonomics, uh, it does not have the inflex blade, if you prefer that. It's more of the riding the contour. As you can see, there's a lot of flexibility in this product, and that's why we created it that way. So that it rides your head the best way possible, you know?

Um, all of these shavers can be used, you know, wet or dry. I need to use my shaver with shaving cream and water. I have coarse hair, so I really need to take care of my head before the shave, during the shave, and after the shave with good shaving cream that has cooling, eucalyptus, salicylic acid, and, and, and, you know, tea tree. Just to really make sure my head is feeling nice and, and healed and, uh, and comfortable. Um. This charges with an extended tip USBC, so that's like your standard USB but the, the male piece is a little bit longer. You know, a little bit longer on the male piece. Hahaha. But you're gonna get a great shave from this. Uh, I would say that this one is the most ergonomic shaver out there, uh, for holding on to and addressing all the areas of your head. And then, you know, these are the most ergonomic shavers, a Skull Shaver and the Bald Buddy by Cut Buddy. Um, but you can't go wrong with any of these.

The main thing is, you need to take care of your product. So, like, when you're shaving your head during and after your shave, you need to be dunking it in a cup of water because all of these products actually trap the hairs in their blade for people who are traveling, or for no mess. All the hairs actually end up in these blades, so you need to make sure you clean these, because if these gears get gunked up, then these shavers aren't going to work as well as they're supposed to. So make sure that you're cleaning inside of these blades. But the easiest way to do that is make sure you have a cup of water, fill up a cup of water, and then just simply run the shaver in that cup of water. And all the hairs will actually come out.

Battery life is similar on all of these, so I'm not going to go through that. The RPMs are very similar for all of these. If you use all of these the right way, you'll get a great shave and, you know, this is, this is me being honest. Because, you know, most people get on their brands and say buy this brand, buy this brand. Although I've seen some of their commercials and they're definitely capping and lying about how fast you can shave your head. If you have thin hair and you shave your head often, you can shave your head in a minute. I'll give you that. But if you have coarse hair like me, and you suffer from irritation, thicker hair, you need to spend five minutes or more shaving your head. Making sure you prep your head for shaving and focusing on not irritating your head and getting the best shave possible. So don't let any of us show you any commercials about 30 to one minute shave. If you have coarse or thick hair, that's, that's not possible. I'm actually in the development of these products, and I know this. Brands have trusted me and licensed my products because…

Okay, bro, we heard enough. You're smart, you're an inventor, you're cool, chief. All right, well just make good decisions on your shaver. Take care guys.

Key Takeaways

We’re all about transparency here at The Cut Buddy, so even though we created the Bald Buddy, we still want to show our appreciation for other brands who have designed great bald shavers. In this video, our founder and CEO Joshua Esnard shares his honest thoughts on four of the top bald shavers currently on the market. You’ll learn the pros and cons of bald shavers from popular brands such as Freebird, Remington, Skull Shaver, and The Cut Buddy. In the end, we just want to make shaving easier for you, no matter which brand you choose. So go ahead and check out the video first, and then come back here for a review of the key takeaways.

  1. The Freebird bald shaver has a palm design, which is pretty ergonomic, but it doesn’t have any slots underneath for your fingers, so there are no alternate ways to hold this shaver. It has a flex blade, which allows you to reach areas on the head that are harder to address. It does come with a trimmer, but it’s not very practical, so you probably won’t get much use out of it.
  2. The Remington bald shaver has the same exact design as the Freebird one, down to the small, impractical trimmer. However, instead of flexing per blade, this shaver flexes from the neck and from the inside. This can be good, but this type of flex might not allow you to reach all the contours of your head. This is a solid option for beginners.
  3. It’s important to have a good trimmer because if you’ve grown your hair for longer than five days, or if your hair is longer than about five millimeters, you probably want to use a trimmer first to get the main stubble down before going in with a bald shaver. Because of this, we don’t recommend using the Freebird or Remington trimmer that comes with their bald shavers.
  4. The purpose of a bald shaver is to get your hair cut down pretty close to completely bald. When you use a bald shaver, there will still be a little layer of hair left over, since the only way to get totally bald is with a razor. Razors can cause irritation, cuts, or ingrown hairs, so bald shavers are a much safer (and less painful) option.
  5. The Skull Shaver is a popular option that’s unique because there are multiple ways to hold it. You can either hold it with your palm like the other two shavers, or you can tuck your fingers underneath it and hold it that way. This shaver has an inner flex that does a pretty good job of riding the head, but still might not be able to flex to the full contour of your head. It’s on the pricier side compared to the other bald shavers, but you get everything you need.
  6. With rotary shavers (like these bald shavers), you need to replace the heads about every three months. If you clean them properly, you might be able to make a head last for six months.
  7. The Bald Buddy is another very popular bald shaver that combines many of the elements we’ve mentioned, making it extremely ergonomic. But what sets the Bald Buddy apart is its design, which includes a full handle. This is great for people with disabilities or those who have stress in their arms. This shaver has a flex neck and flex blades for hard-to-reach areas. The price point for the Bald Buddy is lower than all of the other shavers, but you still get just as much flexibility without the higher price tag.
  8. The Bald Buddy and the Skull Shaver are the most ergonomic choices overall.
  9. All of these shavers can be used for both wet and dry shaving, but if you have coarse hair, you might want to stick with wet shaving. Don’t forget to take care of your head with good shaving cream and after-shave products.
  10. No matter which shaver you choose, you need to make sure you’re caring for it properly. All of these products trap the hairs in their blades, so you’ll want to be dunking and running the shaver in a cup of water throughout your shave to clean the blades.
  11. Battery life and RPMs are very similar for all four bald shavers.
  12. No matter which shaver you choose, if you use it the right way and clean it properly, you’re going to get a great shave.

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