Accessories, Refills and Replacements for Haircutting Tools

We don't just offer the number one home beard trimmers, hair clippers, guides, and kits. We make sure we've got the haircut accessories, refills, and replacement blades you need to keep your haircut tasks smooth and easy.
Keep those lines crispy, touched up, and looking professionally clean by replacing the edges of your tools often.

When you're all lathered up and ready to shave, the last thing you want to realize is the razor you drug over your face or your head has gone dull. Worn-out razor blades and shaving heads prevent that close-up, smooth shave you want. They can also cause razor burn, which you probably already know leads to painful and irritating bumps and can cause your hair to curl back into your skin. The same is true for razor heads. If you've ever tried using an electric shaver with a dull razor head for your face or hair, you know it's not a great feeling or a good shave.

Wondering how often you should change your straight razor blades or heads? We got you.

Straight Edge Razor Blades
For the ultimate sharp lines and super-clean shave, throw away disposable razor blades every five to seven cuts—that's for our high-quality blades, of course. We can't vouch for other brands, but if it's not high quality, you might find the edges dull after the first or second use!
It's also crucial to keep them clean and sanitized.

Bald Buddy Shaving Heads
After enjoying the silky-close shave of our Bald Buddy Wet Dry Ergonmic shaver for three months, it's time to change the razor head. Changing the razor head every three months guarantees a close shave, preventing razor burn, ingrown hairs, or dull blades putting hair.

Speed Tracer Barber Pencils
Down to the nub with your Speed Tracer Barber pencil? Our haircut accessories, refills, and replacements include a 4-pack to grab, so you don't have to worry about messing up a line at home.
Don't let your old tools do you dirty. With the Cut Buddy's affordable and easy-to-use haircut tool refills and replacements, you'll never have to wait for a grow-out again.

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