Grooming and Shaving Products

You might know someone who says grooming tools and shaving products aren't needed, or maybe you've always wondered if they’re really worth it. Maybe you just haven't had someone tell you about all the different shaving solutions and grooming tools out there, no shame in that either. That's why we're here.
Shaving products like the Bald Buddy bald shaver, Cut Buddy Shave Cream, After Shave Solution, and Shave Butter make grooming easier while creating a protective barrier for your skin. Our shaving cream gives you two critical boosts for a great shave: hydration and lubrication. Our aftershaves have a soothing formula to reduce irritation and tighten pores, so your post-shave skin feels comfortable sooner. Plus, our shave butter smells like fresh-baked gingerbread cookies!
Cut Buddy Shave Cream makes it easier for razors to cut through your hair while also moisturizing your skin. Using a cream creates a safe barrier between the razor blade, removing the hair from its follicle while significantly reducing razor irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Whether you have coarse, curly, or thin hair, our shaving cream for ingrown hairs is specially formulated with ingredients to soften your hair before you shave. And while using high-quality shaving cream and aftershave solutions is essential, so is having the right grooming tools.
Our straight razor holder makes hairline edges super crispy, edges sharp enough to cut, or a perfect tool for touching up between home trims. Cut Buddy’s electric shaver, the Bald Buddy, and all of our grooming tools were designed to be affordable and accessible to all. No matter your skill or experience, we want to help make shaving and grooming look and feel as easy as possible.
Whether you want to make a sharp first impression, need to look put-together and professional, or love the confident feeling that shaving and grooming gives you, Cut Buddy is here to help you make it happen. We've got everything you need, including step-by-step instructions, the number one Original Cut Buddy Hair Shaping tool, and exceptional shaving products.
Reach out to the Cut Buddy Pros any time if you have questions about our shaving products and grooming tools. It would be our pleasure to help make shaving, grooming, and hair care at home a fantastic experience for you.

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