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Top Signs of Balding and Best Solutions

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Video Transcription
Ah. So, today we're going to talk about, um, an important thing that's near and dear to us and it's balding. Um, I'm going to share with you my personal story of how I knew I was going bald, and how I accepted it, and what the solutions are there for those of us who are going bald.
Now, let's talk about the symptoms of going bald and what are the signs that I saw when I realized that it was time to give up my beautiful hair. See, um, I was a guy that was known for my hair. Um, in high school, the girls loved my waves, my cornrows, the curls that I had. Um, after college I had a ponytail with the curls and everything, so, a little Suavecito. And, uh, I remember I didn't go to the barber much, and I finally went to the barber, and, uh, they cut my hair. And the barber, not understanding men with thinning hair, cut my critical points. So, when I say critical points, they went very heavy on the clipper here and then the back of my head, when they should have focused on the heavier hair sets and kind of left my thinning areas be. My hair never properly rebounded from that, and my hair started growing in in weird ways where there'd be like a McDonald's Arch line of thin, short hair, and the rest would just grow out really long. And then in the back of my head, it was pretty much bald. So that was the first sign that I knew that I was going bald.
The second sign that I knew was in the shower, I'd be washing my hair with shampoo or conditioner and I'd use a fine-tooth comb. And I'd comb my hair, and I would see chunks of hair in the comb. Or, just randomly, I'd be washing my hair and my hand would end up with a bunch of hairs in my hand. And it's like a horror feel, like you're like wait, am I dying or something in the shower? And, you know, you just see a chunk of hair in your hand. And that was the second sign that I knew that I was losing my hair.
Um, the third one that I saw was just gradual thinning, um, just more and more thinning where these areas started connecting closer to the top of the crown of my head. All right? And then another thing that you look into is obviously your age. Most men start thinning and balding from the age of like 23 on. I remember my hair started thinning and my brother was still a little kid at the time and he's like, you need to find a girlfriend or a wife before you lose your hair. And I took that to heart. I remember we were at a Chinese food restaurant, him and my dad were laughing at me. And I was like man, he's right. I need to get somebody on my team before I lose all my hair and they just don't accept me. So, uh, that became a challenge.
Another thing was looking at my dad, or my grandparents on my mom and my dad's side. All of them were bald, a long line of just bald men. And that kind of gave me a signal. I remember growing up, when I'd have my cornrows, I'd tell my dad, “I'm never gonna lose my hair” because I
I thought I'd get the same hair as my grandma had. More Indian, long hair. And, um, I remember laughing at him and he's like, son, you'll see one day. You're gonna go, you're gonna look just like your Papi. And I ended up being bald just like him.
So, you know, those are the main signs that I saw when I started losing my hair, but you don't have to worry. Um, these are things that happen natural in life and you can find ways to live with it.
Now, there are a few solutions. Um, the most obvious solution would be, uh, you grab that trimmer and you keep working with your hairline. But what ends up happening is you have to keep pushing back your hairline, you know, back, back, back, back, back until, you know, you've basically given yourself a five head. I remember someone made fun of me, they said I was a “head” of my class, ha. That made me depressed kind of, I'm not gonna lie. But that is the first thing you're gonna start to do is slowly inch back that, that trimmer on your hairline. And even barbers will do that.
A second thing that can be done, which barbers or yourself at home can do, is you can use, you know, a low-cost solution like hair fibers, or dyes like Bayesian or Kiss. So, with those situations, uh, you know, they're not going to be permanent. Uh, with the hair fibers, you have to be careful. You can't rub up against anything or it can't rain outside or else the hair fibers are going to leak off. If you scratch it, you're just gonna be bald. You're going to give yourself a part naturally through the hair fibers. I remember being on a plane coming back from Shark Tank, um, and, uh, it was a jet blue plane and I fell asleep on the side of the window seat. And I woke up, uh, in Florida, and there was a black streak of just hair fibers on the side of the plane. And that was pretty cheap spots. Those could last for a day to two days, but a real shower and shampoo was gonna take that out. And that can get pretty messy, so I advise you use some type of template tool to guide the spray, or you have a barber do that for you. But either way, it's not getting rid of the root problem is that your hair is thinning and you're losing your hair.
Next solutions that you can do is, uh, there's micro pigmentation or something like a hair tattoo. And you definitely want to use a professional for that. That's in micro pigmentation, so there's barbers and other clinics that do that. And that's basically them putting ink into your head, uh, to give you a sense of you having a hairline or a filling in the areas. Now, they can do it in your thinning areas, or they can do it across your whole head. Your head is never going to look full, like long, but it is going to fill in the area of head and make you look like you actually have little pieces of hair on your head. Um, I’ve seen some horrible jobs for that, and you're kind of stuck with it permanently. And I've seen some great jobs. And some jobs, they make their hairline look way too sharp, so it looks just like you're a Lego piece. So just make sure you choose the right vendor for that.
Another cool thing that came out is, uh, say I have this hair that's growing in this horseshoe formation. You can go to barbers now and get what people slang call a “man weave.” And basically they're gonna glue on, like, a toupee. Like natural hair on your head. And they're gonna give it whatever styled haircut that you want. It's gonna probably gonna run you, you know, a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. Those look pretty cool because I can go and get dreadlocks if I want, or cornrows, or a caesar. I could come out looking like, you know, house party, you know, if I wanted to. But the thing about that is A: you need to take care of it. And B: um, after a few months, the glue is going to give in and you're gonna have to get a new one. So
you're gonna be spending hundreds of dollars every month for every few months on your actual hairstyle. If you're a celebrity or if your life depends on your hair, that's been one of the options that many celebrities have done. As you've noticed, some celebrities have literally gone from looking like they're going bald to having a hairline all of a sudden. So now you know how they're doing that.
So, uh, the next thing that you can probably do is try a treatment for Alopecia. And, um, that's gonna be like a serum or some type of solution. And, uh. So, I tried those, and what I'll say is it'll keep the hairs that you currently have, you know, from getting even thinner, because you're kind of boosting it with vitamins and things like that. But if you've already lost your hair follicle and it's like totally out of the hair pore, then the chances that that hair is gonna grow back is gonna be very slim.
Well there's a, there's a last option, which is they could actually like, plug hairs into your head. Now, that's going to be super expensive, um, and you may not even be a candidate for that, to be honest. I don't know where they grabbed the hairs from. I don't know if it's from your butt or your chest or whatever. So you'll have to look into that option if you, if you really want to do that.
Um, and the last option is be a boss and accept it. You're gonna go through the stage of denial where you're pushing back your hairline and trying to find easier solutions to keep your hair. But ultimately you know the time is coming for you to accept that you’re a boss. Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Michael Jordan, bosses. You watch any movie, the evil villain boss is bald. Bald is power, bald is awesome, bald is wisdom. You know? Rock it out. You could get a cool head tattoo if you want when you're bald. There's a lot of options with bald if you want to live that lifestyle. So I accepted being bald.
What I'll say about being bald is you're gonna get more sun exposure, you're gonna get more of the environment affecting your head because your head is bald. You're going to be wounding your head more often because you're going to be shaving with a razor, or a rotary shaver, or trimmer, or foil shaver. So make sure you look at the options of how to maintain a healthy bald head. And that's with pre-shave care, during shave care, and post-shave care. So make sure you get you guys a good shaving cream. If you have a sensitive head, make sure, uh, you prep your head by cleaning it, exfoliating it, getting all the dirt and grime. Because you don't want to be shaving and pushing that crap, lotions, dirts, grimes back into the pores of your head, and end up with ingrown hairs or irritation. You also want to get, um, a nice lotion or aftershave balm to take care of your head.
So, once you've accepted it, welcome my bald buddies. You can visit if you want to get some solutions for shaving your head and taking care of your head. Just know that we're here for you, you know? It's a hard step, but once you do it, you'll be very glad. And the ladies love it. Take care guys.

Tips From The Clip

In this video, Joshua Esnard (CEO of The Cut Buddy) shares his complete hair journey, from his days with a full head of hair to embracing the balding process. If you think you might be balding, he walks you through the most common signs to watch out for. For those who aren’t ready to let go of their hair just yet, you’ll learn about potential solutions you can try. When you’re ready to
make the jump and enter the bald world, you’ll find everything you need to care for your head at The Cut Buddy. So go ahead and watch the video, then come back here to read a summary of our tips from the clip. Here’s what you need to know:
  1.  Signs That You Might Be Balding
    There are a few ways to tell that you might be balding. The first is if your hair starts growing back in weird ways. If you notice that certain areas are growing much thinner than others, or if you have bald patches, then you could be balding. The second sign has to do with losing hair in the shower. If you’re seeing chunks of hair come out when washing your hair, then you know you’re starting to lose your hair. The third sign is gradual thinning, where you just notice more and more thinning over time, usually near the crown of the head. You’ll also want to consider your age since most men start noticing their hair is thinning from around age 23. Genetics is another big one. If your parents or grandparents are bald, then it’s likely that you’ll be, too.

  2. Don’t Be Alarmed
    If you notice any of these signs with your own hair, you don’t have to worry. Balding is a natural occurrence and there are steps you can take to live with it if you aren’t ready to shave your head.

  3. Solutions For Keeping Your Hair
    For those who’ve started to notice some of the warning signs, but aren’t ready to commit to shaving their head, there are a few solutions. The first is to use a trimmer to work with your hairline and keep pushing it back to get rid of balding areas. The downside to this is that you’ll eventually push your hairline back so far that you’ve given yourself a five-head. Another option is to start using hair fibers or dyes to fill in sparse areas. These are great low-cost solutions, but you have to be careful because they aren’t permanent, so they can rub off easily. A permanent solution is micro pigmentation, which is kind of like a hair tattoo that gives you the appearance of having more hair. Toupees are another option. These are sort of like wigs that are glued to the head. They use natural hair, so they’re usually pretty expensive, but you can get them in whatever haircut or style you want. You can try a treatment for Alopecia, which will be some kind of serum or solution. Finally, you could get hair plugs, but they’re pretty expensive.

  4. Accepting Your New Reality
    The last solution to dealing with thinning hair is to just accept it. Once you stop trying to save the little hair that you have left, you’ll be able to embrace your new bald look.

  5. Care For Your Head
    When you’re bald, you have to be extra careful to protect your head, because you’re getting more exposure to the elements. You could also end up injuring your head more often since you’re shaving it frequently. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re properly maintaining your bald head with pre-shave care, during-shave care, and post-shave care. You’ll want a good shaving cream and a nice lotion or aftershave balm, too. To find the best shaving products on the market, shop

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