Pre-Shave Exfoliation Cone Bristle Brush

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Product Description

Exfoliation is the most important part of your pre shave routine.

Use this silicon brush to exfoliate the oils, dead skin, and any other build up on the skin.

Also use this brush to evenly spread shaving scream on your head before shaving.

This brush can be taken apart and attached to our 6 OZ shaving cream as an all-in-one exfoliating dispenser! (Shaving cream NOT included/Sold Separately)

Do this before you shave and when you shower. It will prevent you from getting irritation and ingrown hairs. It will also free the pores on your skin so you can have beautiful and vibrant skin.

You can use for facial exfoliation under your beard and other facial hair. Regular exfoliation can prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts to help your face look healthy and glowing!

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