Cut Buddy University Video Gallery

Welcome to The Cut Buddy University. We're here to share and teach you everything we know about making haircuts at home easy. Whatever brings you here--saving time, saving money, or not wanting to sit in a stylist's chair--we're glad you're here, and class is in session! Each of our 'classes' is 100% free and highly detailed to give you no-nonsense instructions on how to use each and every one of our Cut Buddy products as a total hair care system.

Each video can walk you step-by-step through giving yourself a clean, sharp, and professional haircut without needing to be a hairstylist yourself.
At Cut Buddy University, you'll find tutorials to lead you through the entire process for high-quality cuts. We aim to have you take pride in and be confident about your style. Everything you need is right here, from DIY hairlines and beard lining to a complete guide on our Bald Buddy, 35-piece hair trimmer and clipper kit, and our iconic Cut Buddy Plus Hair and Beard Shaper DIY tool.

Inclusive instructions from our Cut Buddy Pro and CEO, Joshua Esnard, will have you sleek and well-groomed in no time. We take it step-by-step, so no one gets left behind, and bad haircuts or uneven beards and edges become a thing of the past. Everyone deserves the chance to create a lasting first impression and have professional grooming available to them, too. Our tools aren't designed by hairdressers but by a regular guy struggling with home hair care, meaning our tools are approachable to all, and so is our Cut Buddy University of video guides.

Are you looking for instructions on how to operate our shavers and trimmers? We've got your back with that, too. What else can we help you with? Do you still have questions about how to use our products or our products in general that Cut Buddy University didn't answer? No problems! Don't hesitate to contact our Cut Buddy Pros, who would love to share their expert advice and answer your questions.
We're hyped to see you graduate to cutting your hair or your family's hair at home with ease.

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