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Making Haircuts & Shaving Easy

The Cut Buddy’s mission is to make haircuts and grooming easier for anyone. Our tools are made for the millions of people around the world that fear or struggle to cut hair. Everyone grows hair, but not everyone can afford to pay a professional. The Cut Buddy wants to make personal grooming affordable while also giving users the confidence and ability to do it themselves, without making haircuts a literal pain. Our affordable tools reduce mistakes, take the anxiety out of cutting hair, and allow users to feel great about how they look.

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We offer all the tools to make your haircut and shaving experience easy. We offer Clippers, Trimmers, Shavers, and Formulated Wet Goods (Shaving Cream, Aftershave, Ingrown Hair Solution, Bald Butter)
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to learn how to use.
  • Saves you Money
    Cant afford to go to the barber often? you save money with us!
  • No Errors
    Our tools make errors a thing of the past!
  • You'll Look Good
    People will be saying “damn, you look good!”

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